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Legal Reform in Korea

From the publisher’s website:

Law in Korea has historically been viewed as merely a tool of authoritarian rule, but since the transition to democracy in 1987 it has served a more important and visible role as a force for social change. With contributions from leading US and Korean scholars, Legal Reform in Korea explores this response to domestic and international pressures, applying a socio-legal perspective to both legal practices and the legal institutions themselves, which have become a major political issue throughout the developing world. An invaluable resource for students of Asian law and Korean studies.

Thomas Ginsburg is Assistant Professor of Law and Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.


  1. Introduction: the politics of legal reform in Korea | TOM GINSBURG
  2. The Korean Constitutional Court, judicial activism, and social change | LIM JIBONG
  3. The paralysis of legal education in Korea | YOON DAE-KYU
  4. The prosecution of corruption in South Korea: achievements, problems, and prospects | DAVID T. JOHNSON
  5. Korean criminal law and democratization | CHO KUK
  6. The emergence of formalized intermediate norms in Korea: the case of sexual harassment | CHOI DAI-KWON
  7. A look at Korean corporate codes of conduct | CRAIG P. EHRLICH and KANG DAE-SEOB
  8. Epistemological conflicts and institutional impediments: the rocky road to corporate bankruptcy reforms in Korea | TERENCE C. HALLIDAY and BRUCE G. CARRUTHERS
  9. Korean labor law reform: evaluation and future prospects | KIM SOH-YEONG
  10. Controlling foreign migrant workers in Korea | LEE JAE-HYUP
  11. The unfulfilled promise of Korean telecommunications reform | CHRISTOPHER S. YOO
  12. Negotiating values and law: environmental dispute resolution in Korea | LEE JAE-HYUP

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