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Salpuri-Chum, A Korean Dance for Expelling Evil Spirits: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of its Artistic Characteristics

From the publisher’s website:

This book is a study of Salpuri-Chum, a traditional Korean dance for expelling evil spirits. The authors explore the origins and practice of Salpuri-Chum. The ancient Korean people viewed their misfortunes as coming from evil spirits; therefore, they wanted to expel the evil spirits to recover their happiness. The music for Salpuri-Chum is called Sinawi rhythm. It has no sheet music and lacks the concept of metronomic technique. In this rhythm, the dancer becomes a conductor.

Salpuri-Chum is an artistic performance that resolves the people’s sorrow. In many cases, it is a form of sublimation. It is also an effort to transform the pain of reality into beauty, based on the Korean people’s characteristic merriment. It presents itself, then, as a form of immanence. Moreover, Salpuri-Chum is unique in its use of a piece of white fabric. The fabric, as a symbol of the Korean people’s ego ideal, signifies Salpuri-Chum’s focus as a dance for resolving their misfortunes.

Eun-Joo Lee is Living Cultural Treasure of Seoul Special City (No. 46) in the Field of Salpuri Chum. Professor, Incheon National University in Korea

Yong-Shin Kim is Chair Professor, Korea International Culture University of Graduate in Korea. Dr. Kim received a Ph.D. from University of Maryland in U.S.A.


Chapter 1: Psychoanalysis and Art
Chapter 2: Meaning of Salpuri and the Emotional Dynamics of the Korean People
Chapter 3: Shamanic Ritual as a Way to Expel Evil Spirits
Chapter 4: The Development of Salpuri-Chum
Chapter 5: Three Main Styles of Salpuri-Chum
Chapter 6: Other Styles of Salpuri-Chum as Local Cultural Treasures
Chapter 7: Salpuri-Chum and Other Korean Traditional Dances
Chapter 8: Aesthetics of Salpuri-Chum

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