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The Cinema of Japan and Korea

From the back cover:

The Cinema of Japan and Korea provides a timely introduction to the history and continuing vibrancy of Japanese and Korean film. The 24 concise and informative essays each appraoch an individual film or documentary, together offering a unique insight into the cinematic output of these two countries. With a range that spans from silent cinema to the present day, and from films that have achieved classic status to underground masterpieces, this collection provides an overview of the breadth of the Japanese and Korean cinematic landscapes. Among the directors covered are Akira Kurosawa, Takeshi Kitano, Kim Ki-duk, Kenji Mizoguchi, Kimhi Fukusaku, Kim Ki-young, Nagisa Oshima and Takashi Miike, and the volume considers in-depth studies of films such as Battle Royale, Killer Butterfly, Audition, Violent Cop, In the Realm of the Senses, Tesuo 2: Body Hammer, Teenage Hooker Becomes a Killing Machine, Stray Dog, A Page of Madness and Godzilla.

LKL adds:

The chapters of interest to Koreanists are as follows:

Preface | Jinhee Choi
Jayu Manse / Hurrah for Freedom! | Peter Harry Ris
Sarangbang Sonnim-kwa Omoni / The Guest and My Mother | Peter Harry Ris
Obaltan / Aimless Bullet | Darcy Paquet
Salinnabileul Ggotneun Yeoja / Killer Butterfly | Chris Berry
Seopyeonje | Han Ju Kwak
Kangwondo-ui Him / The Power of Kangwon Province | Adam Hartzell
Injong Sajong Bolgeot Eobda / Nowhere to Hide | Anthony Leong
Sumgyol / My Own Breathing | Kim Soyoung
Seom / The Isle | Donato Totaro
Teenage Hooker Becomes a Killing Machine in Daehakno | Steve Yates
Joint Security Area | Adrien Gombeaud

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