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The Founding of Catholic Tradition in Korea

From the publisher’s website:

Catholicism in Korea has a history of two hundred years. The role it has played in Korea is unique in that many of its initiatives have come from the laity, rather than the clergy or the church administration. After a prolonged period of cultural conflict, the number of Catholics has grown substantially over the years and numbers around eight percent of the total population. It is a bit odd then, to find such a paucity of English language materials dealing with the faith within the Korean context. This volume tries to fill the gap.


Preface – Chai-shin Yu
The Doctrinal Dispute between Confucianism and Western Thought in the Late Choson Period – Kum Chang-tae
The Sirhak Scholars’ Perspectives of Seohak in the Late Choson Society – Yi Won-sun
The Choson Government’s Measures Against Catholicism – Cho Kwang
The Meaning of Catholicism in Korean History – Cho Kwang
Korean Catholicism Yesterday and Today – Ch’oe Sok-u
Korean Catholicism Since 1945 – O Kyong-hwan
Epilogue – Yu Chai-shin

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