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The Letters of the Venerable Father Thomas Choe Yang-eop

An English version of the letters of Father Ga Gyeong-ja Choi Yang-eop (1821-1861), the seminarian colleague of the first Korean priest Sung Kim Dae-geon (1821-1846) and the second Korean priest.

The Korean Church History Institute (Chairman: Bishop Son Hee-song, Director: Father Cho Han-geon) published the English version of the letters of Father Thomas Choi Yang-eop, the second Korean priest . In order to inform the world of the life of Father Choi Yang-eop (1821-1861), the second priest in Korea, the ‘Evidence of Sweat’, and his pastoral activities in Joseon for 11 years and 6 months, his letters were translated into English. published.

Published in cooperation with the Cheongju Diocese Yangeop Church History Institute, Wonju Diocese Cultural and Spirituality Research Institute, and Danggogae Martyrdom Shrine, this English version includes 19 previously known and published letters from Father Choi Yangup, as well as two additional letters that were discovered, read, and translated in 2013. This is included.

Bishop Sohn Hee-song, the head of the Institute, said in a book of letters that he read through a publishing event, “If the letters of Father Kim Dae-geon, who was martyred for 13 months as a priest, are impressive with his dynamic appearance, the letters of Father Yang-eop Choi show his affection for the believers and the daily life of the fellowship villages. It conveys a calm feeling. Father Choi’s letter contains his pastoral passion, love for people, and insight into the society at the time,” he said.

Author introduction

In 1836, he was selected as a theological student along with Choi Bang-je and Kim Dae-geon by Father Mohamm. On December 10, 1844, he graduated from the seminary with Kim Dae-geon and became a deacon. From 1850 to 1861, Father Choi Yang-eop conducted pastoral activities in areas that were difficult for French missionaries to access. While on his way to Seoul to report on pastoral activities, he died of overwork in a church village in Mungyeong.

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Note: similar to the translated letters of St Andrew Kim Dae-geon, this volume is probably best obtained via the RASKB.

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