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The Spread of the Korean Language Through the Korean Diaspora and Beyond

From the publisher’s website:

This volume of essays examines the development of Korean language education in expatriate Korean communities, and the role that the Korean government has played in the spread of the Korean language abroad. The ten contributors to this volume explore the dynamics of Korean language education in maintaining a sense of Korean identity in expatriate communities in China, Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, and the United States. They also give an overview of the history of teaching Korean to people of non-Korean backgrounds in these countries, and of how this history has both derived from and amplified the recent increase overseas in Korean pop culture.


Introduction | Clare You

  1. Establishment and Development of Korean Language in China | Kim Kuang-su and Ma Chun-ok
  2. How Korean Language Education Spread in Shandong, China | Jin Zhe and Jin Jiaoling
  3. The Spread of Korean Language Education in Hong Kong | Hyewon Kang Kim
  4. From a Diaspora Language to a Language Diaspora: The Social Implications of Korean Language Education in Japan | Nam Sun Song
  5. The Perishing Language of Diaspora: the Case of koryomal in Kazakhstan | German Kim
  6. Korean Language Spread and Korean Language Education in New Zealand: With Comparative Notes on Australia | Inshil Choe Yoon
  7. On the Korean Language in Diaspora – Focusing on the Western United States | Clare You
  8. The Korean Language Diaspora: With a Special Focus on the Eastern United States | Hye-Sook Wang
  9. Language Spread Policy in Korea | Yangwon Ha

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