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Make Break Remix: The Rise of K-Style

K-pop, K-fashion, K-drama, K-beauty: over the last decade, K-style has exploded onto the global scene. Where does it go from here? In Make, Break, Remix, Fiona Bae makes no attempt to define or categorize the movement, instead celebrating the eclectic, multifaceted nature of K-style and its home city of Seoul. Through interviews with tastemakers who … [Read More]

Hanok: The Korean House

Appreciate the understated glamour and traditional comfort in this collection of the most excellent examples of timeless Korean architecture.Hanok: The Korean House provides new insights on the stylish traditional Korean homes that are experiencing a resurgence of popularity in Seoul today. While the exteriors of these houses are indistinguishable from traditional hanok built decades ago, the insides have … [Read More]

Korea Style

Simplicity, tradition and a deep respect for all things natural–these are the essential elements of Korean design underpinning the nation’s fast-growing creative scene.Influences from China, Japan and the West have filtered into Korea, but the peninsula has always maintained its own identity. Spatial, spiritual and material qualities are reflected in the simple beauty of its … [Read More]