Performing Korea

From the publisher’s website: This book offers an exploration of the intersection of Korean theatre practice with Western literary theatre. Gangnam Style, K-Pop, the Korean Wave: who hasn’t heard of these recent Korean phenomena? Having spent two years in Korea as a theatrical and cultural ‘tourist’, Patrice Pavis was granted an unparalleled look at contemporary […]

Performing the Nation in Global Korea: Transnational Theatre

From the publisher’s website: This book illustrates how local awareness of Western cultural hegemonic entities such as Broadway and Shakespeare have been implemented within South Korean theatre in the global era. With a focus on performances that targeted global audiences, Lee explores the ways in which Korea’s nationalistic desires for global visibility are projected on […]

Contemporary Korean Theater: Beyond Tradition and Modernization

From the publisher’s website: Korean Theater from the 1970s up to the Present The 1970s in Korea saw the establishment of Korean theater’s identity and development of contemporary characteristics in terms of theatrical aesthetics. This book examines Korean theater from the 1970s up to the present. The focus of this volume attempts to examine original […]

Acts and Scenes: Western Drama in Korean Theater

From the publisher’s website: Acts and Scenes: An Introduction of Western Drama in Korean Theater Almost 400 playwrights from about 25 countries and more than 1,000 dramas have been introduced to Korea in the brief span of 100 years despite the fact that Korea has a vastly different culture, history, and tradition. While the history […]

Daehangno: Theater District in Seoul

From the publisher’s website: Daehangno is generally called a street of youth. However, it does not mean it is only frequented by young people. Daehangno is where the youthful passion of elderly artists is still tangible, where the youthful ardor of retired professors is still palpable and where the budding romance of late poets is […]

Traditional Korean Theatre

From the publisher’s website: A translation of the contents of the manual used for the masked dance of Korea. Readers will delight in the wit and liveliness of these dramas that depict human errors as well as the redeeming virtues of social bonds. “…a pioneering collection of Korean mask-dance and puppet plays… a fine introduction […]