Yun Isang memorial hall opens in Tongyeong

Memorial park opens to honour one of Korea's most famous composers, Yun Isang, in his home town, at a cost of 8 billion won – JoongAng Daily # “It feels like father’s spirit has returned here,” said his daughter Yun Yun-jeong at the opening ceremony, while shedding tears, according to the JoongAng Daily.

Jeju’s destiny is set in stone

Darren Southcott, recently returned from a stint in Jeju-do, appreciates one of the island’s unique attractions: Jeju Stone Park In this age of globalisation, authentic Korea may seem elusive and challenging for the visitor to find, but there are many sites which seek to preserve the nation’s cultural spirit. Jeju Island, despite heavy tourist development, […]

An unforgettable Tea Tour

I really wish I didn’t have a day job. This trip, in May 2010, has got to be one of the most appealing prospects for a holiday that I can think of, particularly if you tack on a few days in Seoul first to take in Korean’s intangible cultural asset #1, the ancestral rites at […]

Six ways to see South Korea

If you are travelling by Finnair this month, you will see a striking image on the front page of their in-flight magazine, Blue Wings. A shamanistic dancer in a bright yellow costume looks you in the eye, advertising the lead article on the delights of Korea as a travel destination. Finnair flies non-stop to Seoul […]

Visit Korea, tour a shipyard

LKL ponders some of the out-of-the-ordinary things you might want to do on holiday in Korea In the Q&A which followed the Korean Tourism presentation and documentary screening at the Cultural Centre last week, some unusual holiday ideas were floated, all of which are achievable in Korea. Here are some of the suggestions, supplemented with […]

Visit Korea, experience the Cold War

Coming to the Travel Channel this autumn is a new travel documentary on Korea. At the Korea Tourism evening at the KCC last week we were given a preview. It was refreshing: a Korean tourism documentary, but from a Westerner’s perspective. Yes, we were told that the KTO assisted in the film’s production, but the […]

Visit Korea, escape to Thailand

LKL considers the flight schedules and concludes that a critical vacation problem might just be soluble. “Taekwondo, Technology and Kimchi” was the title of the talk given by the KTO at the KCC on Tuesday this week. The talk was billed as follows: Culture shock, modern, unique, dynamic, sparkling, friendly, technological, ancient! These are all […]

Jean Chung’s Seoul photos for Time magazine

Good Seoul photos, plus 10 things to do in 24 hours in Seoul, some recommendations for side trips, and more, on the TIME magazine website: #. Photographer Jean Chung comes across the practice of couples fastening metal locks to a fence on Namsan Tower (above) as a symbol of their eternal love for each […]

The LKL Korea Trip 2009 pt 6: Haeinsa

Monday 20 July 2009 The trip to Haeinsa is via Daegu. A quick tube journey to the inappropriately named Busan Central Bus Terminal – at the northernmost extremity of the Busan public transport system (Nopodong), and then the express bus to East Daegu station takes nearly two hours. Another tube to the Seobu bus terminal […]

Many ways to enjoy Korea

The language classes at the Korean Cultural Centre attract a really interesting spectrum of people, from English businessmen to Bae Yong-joon besotted Japanese housewives, via museum curators and people married to a Korean. In my own language classes, apart from the above, was Jo, a TVXQ-obsessed party animal, who was good enough to review their […]