Podcast: Kim Hyesoon reads at the Poetry Library

For those who decided to go to see Shin Kyung-sook and Krys Lee at Asia House rather than Kim Hyesoon at the Poetry Library, MPT Magazine has kindly recorded the latter event and put it on Soundcloud. “They’re poems that really change your life … completely visceral,” says the moderator, among other things. The event […]

London Book Fair, day 2

Day 2 of the London Book Fair, in which: Han Kang said very nice things about her translator (Deborah Smith) and Shin Kyung-sook called hers her “twin soul”; We discovered that Kim Young-ha was about to start writing a historical novel set in the Joseon dynasty, only to find out that Kim Insuk had already […]

London Book Fair, day 1

Hwang Sok-yong, Kim Young-ha, Lee Seung-u, Kim Hyesoon, Shin Kyoung-sook, Yi Mun-yol, Krys Lee… and those were just the Korean literary figures that we got to see today. There were plenty more talks – mainly focusing on the Korean publishing industry – that we didn’t get to, thanks to unfortunate scheduling clashes, and writers from […]

LBF event, 11 Apr 7pm: In conversation with Kim Young-ha

The last of six evening events during London Book Fair week at the London Review bookshop: In conversation with Kim Young-ha April 11, 19.00-20.00 Kim Young-ha will be in conversation about his novels, their translation into other languages and adaptation into film. He’ll also be talking about his literary influences, and how his writing reflects […]

LBF event (Edinburgh) 10 Apr: Edinburgh Reads

The London Book Fair comes to Edinburgh: Edinburgh Reads with Kim Insuk and Han Kang Thursday 10 April, 19.00-20.00 Edinburgh Libraries are delighted to welcome Korean writers Kim Insuk and Han Kang, and Scottish writer Karen Campbell to our Edinburgh Reads programme. Kim Insuk is unique amongst Korean writers as her works often centre on […]

LBF event, 10 Apr 6:45pm: Separations, at Asia House

The fourth of six evening events during London Book Fair week, which unfortunately overlaps with a session with Kim Hyesoon at the Festival Hall. Separations 10 April, 18.45-20.00 Authors from Korea, Pakistan and Singapore discuss their work and the question: How does the partition of a country and divisions of families affect its society and […]