Sol Opera Company has just been on a European tour, and before it goes back to Korea it came to the Korean Cultural Centre to present some arias. Sol Sopera Company is based in Busan, and was introduced to the audience by the ROK ambassador, himself a Busanite. Sol has been going for seven years […]


Chunhyang at the KCC

by Events Editor 31 May 2009
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Many of you will be familiar with the tale of Chunhyang as a pansori performance, and maybe you were introduced to it by Im Kwon-taek’s famous film of the same name. The story has been interpreted in dance by Ahn Eun-me, and Hyun Je-myeong has created a western-style opera out of it. Excerpts from this […]

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Pansori and bibimbap – fusion in Korea’s cultural content

by Peter Corbishley 3 October 2008
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By Peter Corbishley Last Thursday and Friday 24-25th September an itinerant band of Pansori sellers displayed their wares at the Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) and the School of Advanced Study, University of London. The main event was Yonsei University’s (Institute of Media Art) Jeong Taeg Lim and Jung A Huh’s talk on ‘The Aesthetic modernity […]

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KCC talk: Images of Korean Women

by Events Editor 22 September 2008
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A reminder of the upcoming lecture at the KCC, Wednesday 24 September. Lecture Title: The Image of Korean Women based on the Tale of Chunhyang Date / Time: 24th September 2008, 18:30-19:30 Lecturer: Prof LIM Jeong Taeg (Director, Institute of Media Arts, Yonsei Univ.) A Tale of Chunhyang: 13th Century, young Mongryong, Namwan Province’s governor’s […]

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Im Kwon-taek – The making of a Korean National Cinema

by Philip Gowman 1 December 2006
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David James & Kyung-hun Kim: (Wayne State UP, 2001) A wide-ranging collection of essays which usefully documents Im’s importance as a filmmaker, from his first attempt in the early 60s to his latest (at the time this book was published, Chunhyang was the most recent). Kim Kyung-hyun’s lucid account of Im’s career put in the […]

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Theatre visit: Eun Me Ahn’s Chunhyang – an impossible love

by Philip Gowman 11 April 2006
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I’m afraid I lack the critical faculties to describe the evening adequately, but it’s well worth going to and I think I might be going back to see it again tomorrow. It’s two nights only. I went along with an avowed non dance fan and someone who was hoping for something very traditional, and both […]

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Virtuous Women – three classic Korean novels

by Philip Gowman 16 February 2006

Richard Rutt & Kim Chong-un (tr), (Royal Asiatic Society, Korea branch, 1974) Three traditional stories about female endurance. The classic Chunhyang, the true story of Queen Inyhon, and the Nine Cloud Dream. Each of the novels has a useful introduction. Essential and pleasurable reading. Keywords: General post tags: Chunhyang

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