Event news: Sewol families visit UK

This coming week brings a chance to meet family members of the Sewol victims: 10 May: A street campaign in front of the National Gallery, 12 noon A panel session at SOAS, 6pm 11 May: A documentary screening and discussion at the Fountain Pub, New Malden (6:30 for 7pm) Meeting with families and lawyers of […]

Looking back at 2015: Domestic news

Our final look back at 2015: mainly domestic news stories from South Korea. In the news After 62 years of adultery being a criminal offence in the ROK, the constitutional court decided to decriminalise it by a vote of 7 to 2.  Four out of ten married Korean males heaved a sigh of relief  and shares […]

Bedrooms of the Remembered

Photographer Kim Hong-Ji has put together a moving portfolio of pictures in memory of the Sewol victims. He has been in touch with relatives of some of the students, visiting their homes and taking pictures of the bedrooms of those who died in the disaster. Available on the BBC and Reuters websites.

Looking back at 2014: Domestic news

Our final look back at 2014: mainly domestic news stories from South Korea: The Sewol and safety culture The MV Sewol capsized on 16 April, causing the death of 304 passengers. A number of factors contributed to the disaster, including lax safety inspections, unsafe modifications, unsecured cargo, overloading, and an inexperienced crew hired on temporary […]

Jenna Sung piano recital at the Wigmore

A Sunday piano recital that commemorates the Sewol disaster: Jenna Sung, piano Jaques Samuel Pianos Intercollegiate Piano Competition Winner 16 November 2014 – 7:30pm Ticket Prices: £15 £13 £10 £8 Ticket bookings are subject to a £1.50 booking fee. This fee covers the whole booking and is not per-ticket. Book tickets on the Wigmore Hall […]

Film music concert in memory of the Sewol victims

Nicely coinciding with the KCC’s focus on film music this quarter, there is a concert of film music dedicated to the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster in New Malden this Saturday. London Film Music Concert D&P Ensemble (Director Byung-Yun YU) Saturday, 27 Sep 2014 7:30PM NEW MALDEN METHODIST CHURCH 49 High St, New Malden […]

Hong Seong-dam’s art in the news again

In 2012 his unflattering painting of President-elect Park got the ruling party annoyed; now Hong Seong-nam is in the news again for lampooning Park’s response to the Sewol disaster in an exhibition linked to the Gwangju Biennale. It’s difficult to know precisely what has been going on in Gwangju from the snippets that make it […]

The Sewol story in links

A random collection of links relating to the sinking of the Sewol on 16 April, updated as necessary. Arirang News compares the capsising of the Sewol with that of its sister ship the Ariake. Confucian guilt spreads in Korea – Death of innocents sparks condemnations of wicked adult world: an early use of the C-word […]

Connie Talbot donates to Sewol disaster

Connie Talbot, the runner up in Britain’s Got Talent 2007 (she lost out to Jeju goodwill ambassador Paul Potts), is currently in Korea for some concerts – aged 13. The Chosun Ilbo reports that she will be donating the profits from this Sunday’s concert in Seoul to the ferry disaster. She thus joins the ranks […]

No-one’s in the mood for celebrating

In a brief article two days ago, Variety noted the impact of the Sewol ferry disaster on the Korean box office, on TV schedules, and on pop concerts. No one is in the mood for enjoying themselves right now. Not that such an injunction is needed, but I hear that government officials and diplomatic staff […]