Lee Soo Young #6: The Colors of my Life

(YIGA Entertainment, 2004) A great ballad album. From the big ballad 휠릴리 (track 4) via the more intimate 너도 그런지.. and Sam Lee’s funk-inspired “You want me” (featuring Eric) to a more R&B 겁쟁이 (track 7), Lee Soo Young shows how it should be done. She has a good team of song-writers — showing that […]

Chae-jin Lee: A Troubled Peace

Chae-jin Lee: A Troubled Peace — US Policy and the Two Koreas Johns Hopkins Univ Press, 2006 A very thorough review of the history of the relations between the US and (the two) Korea(s) over the past hundred or so years. To me, there’s rather too many trees and not enough wood, but I guess […]

My chance of media fame. Blown

At around 4:40pm on Monday afternoon I get a phone call on my mobile. It’s from the Chosun 24 hour TV channel. They had my card from the Typhoon screening a couple of weeks back, when they were interviewing anyone they could find. They wanted to do another interview. A ten minute one. But I […]

North Korea Detonates 40 Years Of GDP

Remains Of Country’s Economy Sent Deep Into Earth’s Core For a bit of light relief, visit the Onion. Here’s a representative extract. PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA — A press release issued by the state-run Korean Central News Agency Monday confirmed that the Oct. 9 underground nuclear test in North Korea’s Yanggang province successfully exploded the communist […]

Circuit Diagram at Cell gallery

What do a 20 dollar bill, a spirit level, a geodesic dome, and a loudspeaker chanting Mongolian love songs in Korean have in common? That’s the question posed by the introduction to a multinational contemporary art show in the Cell gallery space in Cambridge Heath Road, Hackney. And answered. The loudspeaker chanting the Mongolian love […]

KEB: the raids continue

In a seemingly never-ending quest to blame someone for the profits that Lone Star made out of their KEB investment, the prosecutors recently knocked on the doors of Citibank’s Seoul office and impounded paperwork and PCs. The BBC reports (17 October): The investigation follows claims that KEB’s financial ill-health had been exaggerated so as to […]

More commentary on DPRK nukes

The commentary from Kim Myong Chol published in the Asia Times Online on Oct 6 is puzzling. As the Asia Times explains, Kim Myong-chol is author of a number of books and papers in Korean, Japanese and English on North Korea. He is executive director of the Centre for Korean-American Peace. He has a PhD […]

Seoul’s hanoks

There was a feature in FT a couple of weeks ago on the Bukchon district of Seoul. It’s a place as far as you can get from Apgujeong in terms of style of living. It’s the sort of place where Kim Ki-duk might be caught filming traditional housing as seen in 3-Iron, and is inhabited […]

Halloween specials at Tartan

Pick up the Whispering Corridors DVDs for £6.66 each over at the Tartan website. If you can find them. Boy, is their website dire. OK, to help you out, here are the links Whispering Corridors Memento Mori Wishing Stairs Other horror stuff (R-Point, Phone) is similarly priced.

Winners and losers in Korean equities

KBS reported recently (in an article so confused in its arithmetic as to be downright misleading – and frankly makes you wonder whether they’ve got anywhere near reality) how foreigners made $90bn gains on Korean stocks last year. I’m sure there are rogue nationalistic elements around who might lament the fact that anyone apart from […]