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As I’ve mentioned before in my periodic reviews of my wesbite’s statistics, celebrities are a big generator of traffic. Lee Sabi continues to be the most searched-for celeb which results in my site being hit, and the Celebs category seems to be the most popular.

Readers will have gathered that, yes, every once in a while I like to brighten the pages of this site with a picture of Hyolee, but really my intentions are in general a bit more serious.

So for those of you who need a daily fix of the latest news on K-pop and TV drama stars, there are two sites which I occasionally visit to see if I’m missing anything: Asianbite and the more recent Daily Dumpling. But most of what I see there I’ve already seen in the “culture” section of the dependable Chosun Ilbo.

The latest news from Asianbite is that Shinhwa (picture above, from Asianbite) are the best Korean singers of the year. Shows how out of touch I am with netizens. I thought their 2002 greatest hits album was distinctly below average, but maybe they’ve got better since then.

Are there any other similar sites I should be adding to the “Celebs & Gossip” links at the bottom of my home page sidebar?

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