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Books on Korean Heroes

King Sejong bookProbably a fairly straightforward question from a visitor in the US:

I have children born in U.S. For education purposes, I am trying to find good (series of) books written in English for Korean Heroes in old history. Could someone refer me to website links? Thanks.

My immediate thought is to recommend the series recently started by the Diamond Sutra Recitation Group. Their book on Admiral Yi fits the bill admirably, and I recently dipped in to their book on King Sejong which is also along the same lines. Are there any other recommendations?

2 thoughts on “Books on Korean Heroes

  1. I’d be interested to know if there are any other good resources not in Korean. My understanding is that the Diamond Sutra Recitation Group began its series because of the lack of English-language sites/books on Korean history.

  2. There a quite a few less detailed internet sites dealing with An, Chang Ho, the Korean patriot who died at the hands of the Japanese in 1838. But like you, I am stymied in attempts to find accurate accounts of Korean heroes to adapt in my ESL classes here in Korea

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