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A Happy Christmas to all our readers

Some seasonal snaps from London and Seoul

First, Trafalgar Square and Regent Street during December 2006, from UK Student Life.

Trafalgar Square

Regent Street

And now December 2005 in Seoul, from Zofona. If anyone knows where the scenes are, leave a comment below.

Christmas in Seoul 1

Christmas in Seoul 2

And finally, the light display currently gracing Seoul Plaza, entitled Luce Vista:

Seoul Luce Vista

2 thoughts on “A Happy Christmas to all our readers

  1. The first 2005 picture appears to be at the same site as the 4th picture in the original link but just from the other end of the light tunnel which would make it at the Gwanghwamun end of the Chonggyechon. The ice skating photo is possibly at City Hall as they were building one there this year but it’s too dark to really see any detail of the background…

  2. hiya, i was there (christmas 2005) as well…as a traveller. I like your other photo about cheongyechong..when compared to London eye……i’m from sheffield though

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