2006 year-end posts

Best wishes for the year of the golden pig to all our visitors.


Darcy’s predictions for 2007

by Philip Gowman 11 January 2007
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It’s getting to be the case that the more interesting stuff over on Darcy’s site is in his What’s New page rather than his forums. Here are his predictions for 2007: Park Jin-pyo’s VOICE OF A MURDERER is going to be a major critical and popular hit (at least 6 million tickets) There will be […]

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Think Korea 2006 – your feedback requested

by Philip Gowman 10 January 2007

Alice Bennell, Peter Corbishley and I went round to the Embassy yesterday to give some feedback to the organisers of Think Korea 2006. We discussed many of the issues set out in my post of 30 December. We briefly talked about the embassy’s recently re-launched website. I visited it today and found that they are […]

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More 2006 statistics: theme parks and military thighs

by Philip Gowman 10 January 2007

First, some boring stuff December was a record month for advertising revenue: the princely sum of $11.17, making my life-to-date total $24.32. But if it stays at December’s levels I’ll be happy: that more than pays for webhosting. And something I get lots of, and wish I got less: my life-to-date spam comment count (as […]

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A date with Rain? I’d rather have my hair done

by Philip Gowman 7 January 2007

“Sorry, I’m washing my hair that night” is the familiar put-down you get when the girl of your dreams doesn’t fancy a date with you. But it’s also true of LKL visitors. They’re much more interested in finding the best Korean hairdressers in London, or reading about the techniques involved in a “Magic Straight” perm, […]

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Wish-list for 2007

by Philip Gowman 2 January 2007

Not quite a list of New Year’s resolutions. It’s part to-do list, part wish-list for 2007. The new Korean Cultural Centre 2007 will see the launch of the new Korean Cultural Centre. I don’t know their detailed plans (yet), but here’s some of the things I’d like them to be thinking about: Giving lots of […]

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Happy New Year to all our readers

by Philip Gowman 1 January 2007

In London: In Seoul:

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The London Korean Links Awards 2006

by Philip Gowman 31 December 2006
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In the year-end spirit of reviewing the highlights and lowlights of 2006, here are the winners of the first LKL Awards – a personal and unscientific selection. The awards are in the following categories: Man of the Year Woman of the Year Best cultural promotion: Briton in Korea Best cultural promotion: Korean in Britain Best […]

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Think Korea 2006: a review of the year

by Philip Gowman 30 December 2006
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2006 was a great year for Korean culture in London. I can’t rank it against previous years because this was the first time I’ve taken it upon myself actively to follow as many Korean-related events as I can, but for the wide range of things on show I think it must be one of the […]

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Stay tuned for special year-end posts

by Philip Gowman 26 December 2006

Coming up on New Year’s Eve: the inaugural London Korean Links Awards, 2006 – to honour people both famous and obscure who have made this year special. On 30 December, if I get round to writing it, a look back at all the great events we’ve had in London this year. What could have been […]

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A forlorn Abies Koreana

by Philip Gowman 26 December 2006
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This is the time of year when we think of people less fortunate than ourselves. There are special charity appeals, and soup kitchens spring up in church halls across the land. Spare a thought, then, for a Korean refugee in our back garden, whose days I think are numbered. He’s picked on by the locals, […]

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A Happy Christmas to all our readers

by Philip Gowman 25 December 2006

Some seasonal snaps from London and Seoul First, Trafalgar Square and Regent Street during December 2006, from UK Student Life. And now December 2005 in Seoul, from Zofona. If anyone knows where the scenes are, leave a comment below. And finally, the light display currently gracing Seoul Plaza, entitled Luce Vista:

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Chosun Ilbo’s top K-pop of the year

by Philip Gowman 23 December 2006

Here’s their list: Best Album Best Song 1 Vibe: Re-feel Vibe: He & She (equal with Lee Sung-chul) 2 Lee Sung-chul: Reflections of Sound Lee Sung-chul: Shout it out (equal with Vibe) 3 SG Wannabe: 3rd Masterpiece Baek Ji-young: I won’t fall in love again 4 Nell: Healing Process Eru: Black Glasses 5 Sung Si-kyung: […]

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