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Chosun Ilbo’s top K-pop of the year

Here’s their list:

Best Album Best Song
1 Vibe: Re-feel Vibe: He & She (equal with Lee Sung-chul)
2 Lee Seung-chul: Reflections of Sound Lee Seung-chul: Shout it out (equal with Vibe)
3 SG Wannabe: 3rd Masterpiece Baek Ji-young: I won’t fall in love again
4 Nell: Healing Process Eru: Black Glasses
5 Sung Si-kyung: The Ballads Sung Si-kyung: On the street
6 Jaurim: Ashes to Ashes SG Wannabe: Partner for Life
Ha Dong-gyun: Please, Love Her

Vibe: Yoon Min-soo and Ryu Jae-hyunWhat are YOUR albums of the year, in any genre (the more indie the better)? I really want to know what’s good out there. My buying is a bit random at the moment, and focused mainly on back catalogue when I can get it.

Of the limited number of 2006 albums I’ve listened to (see the hyperlinks above), Vibe (right) is certainly the best. I’ve not yet had a chance to listen to properly to my most recent purchases, but based on first listening I’m surprised Fly to the Sky’s Transition isn’t on the list: to me it’s superior to the SG Wannabe album. However, Uhm Jung-hwa’s ninth initially seems as characterless as Baek Ji-young’s Smile.

All suggestions gratefully received.

Oh, I almost forgot (how could I?). Asianbite has kindly read an article on the Korean pages of KBS. In a survey of top entertainers of the year, Lee Hyori and Rain head the list of singers. Asianbite takes the opportunity to post a nice gallery of Lee Hyori images.

One thought on “Chosun Ilbo’s top K-pop of the year

  1. This year I think EPs have been more interesting than albums. Of those, Cuzky – Romance and YeonGene & BMX Bandits – saveoursmiles (Scottish band BMX Bandits really liked the vocalist of Linus’ Blanket and thus decided to write a few songs for her – very cute) were no doubt the best to come out of Korea.

    As for albums, my favorite would be Elena – Say Hello To Every Summer. Park Hye Kyung’s 6th – Yesterday, adultchild – B TL B TL, YeonGene – Me & My Burt (Burt Bacharach covers, produced by Duglas of BMX Bandits) and Cloud Cuckoo Land’s 1st all compete for second best.

    Best remake album of the year: N.EX.T – ReGame? “New” N.EX.T remakes “old” N.EX.T/Shin Hae Chul songs.

    Best compilation: Cracker OST. For more Pastel Music goodness ^^

    I’m probably missing some since I haven’t got access to my music collection right now though…

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