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Darcy’s predictions for 2007

Park Jin-pyo: Voice of a Murderer
Publicity image for Park Jin-pyo: Voice of a Murderer

It’s getting to be the case that the more interesting stuff over on Darcy’s site is in his What’s New page rather than his forums.

Here are his predictions for 2007:

  1. Park Jin-pyo’s VOICE OF A MURDERER is going to be a major critical and popular hit (at least 6 million tickets)
  2. There will be about 80 Korean films released in 2007, down from 103 this year
  3. Korean comedy will make a comeback
  4. Kim Ki-duk will fight with the press, and will not release his new movie in Korea
  5. Total annual admissions will drop for the first time in a decade
  6. Jeon Do-yeon (below) will win Best Actress at Cannes

Darcy’s been Jeon Do-yeon’s number one fan for as long as I can remember. But it would be great if prediction 6 came true.

I’d like to quote his thinkpiece in full, but that would be lazy of me. Go visit his page and read it for yourself. Stimulating reading.

Jeon Do-yeon (from


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