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British-owned culture cafe opens in Bucheon

Cafe Nicolia

Thanks to Peter Orange for letting me know about an interesting new venture in Bucheon (부천): Cafe Nicolia, run by British / Korean couple Nicholas and Lia Young. From their website, it looks like a version of Seoul Selection, but obviously with more food and, I’m guessing, fewer books. On my rare visits to Seoul Selection I’ve thought that they could do with something slightly more substantial to sustain you than a cup of coffee – so maybe Cafe Nicolia is it. Only you have to head out to Bucheon for it. The cafe features:

Nicolia Logoa range of English language books, travel guides, popular international magazines and newspapers for sale and for customers to dear in the cafe. In addition, customers will be able to seek advice on traveling and study overseas. Cafe Nicolia well also offer advice and support to the foreign community in Korea.

Informal teach-ins on Western table etiquette and kiddies’ story-telling sessions all seem geared to promoting mutual cultural understanding in a laid-back fashion. The Cafe has been open since the beginning of March and seems to be getting some nice customer feedback on its bulletin board. Go along and check them out.


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