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Unfortunate headline of the week…

Cho Seung-hui…goes to the Chosun Ilbo for

Korean Hurt in Virginia College Massacre (timed at 8:39 KST, 17 April)

I guess it’s the pitfalls of reporting news as it happens. The next Chosun Ilbo article on the topic reads:

Virginia Tech Shooter Was Korean (timed at 7:48 KST, 18 April).

In due course I’ll update this post with links to various news sources / commentary.


One thought on “Unfortunate headline of the week…

  1. You know, most editors here took their eye off the ball. Korea had just been awarded the Asian Games.. and both stories – that the shooter was a Korean and the award of the games – broke about the same time.. It does not happen that often, but this really was a time when editors were screaming into the phone.. “Stop the press!”

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