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Some videos to persuade you to come to Trafalgar Square on Sunday

Physicx - from Rivers Crew
Physicx – from Rivers Crew

Korean open-air Dano (early summer) Festival, Trafalgar Square, Sunday 17 June, 12-6pm

First, here’s Team Kroniculs, aka the Jaguar Demo, who will be participating in the Taekwondo display. It’s not just martial arts they do:

Next, here’s the Korean b-boy crew Rivers:

They’ll be battling against the UK’s Bad Taste Cru.

There will be some Samulnori percussion (though not the group illustrated here):

and a traditional Korean fan dance like this:

and a Korean sword dance, which might look something like this:

The things you can find on YouTube nowadays…

For a full listing of the events on Sunday 17 June in Trafalgar Square, celebrating the Dano Festival, click on the link below. Thanks to Asiana Airlines for generously providing some of the funding.


3 thoughts on “Some videos to persuade you to come to Trafalgar Square on Sunday

  1. I’ve just got back from the Dano Festival. I went there with ONE porpose in mind and that was to see the Taekwondo demo.

    What a beautiful day to have an outdoor event! Anyway, the food was good, prices were reasonable there were even bins around to keep the place tidy. On the other side of the square you have the stall from the tourist board, a shop of some sort and the kiddies area for their arts and crafts.

    I waited with high hopes at the first row in by the stage, only to find that the TKD demo was situated way back towards St Martins Lane. Never mind, I thought, there’s the mini jumbotron. They had some very acrobatic guys doing their jumps, spins, kicks etc.

    This is the second time where I have been to a Korean themed event with martial art demonstrations that were not performed by Koreans. Whatever happened to the Koreans that really kick ass?? Do I get the feeling that TKD has been outsourced?

  2. yep..i went there also =)

    it was good! especially the bboys..they were awesome! and the food was also nice.

  3. I got interviewed by KBS! But they didn’t just ask about the day’s events, they really wanted to know what I thought about the ‘Korea Sparkling’ logo. Did anyone see the ‘launch’ of the logo, with the countdown and the explosion? What an anti-climax! Korea doesn’t need more logos, it needs more events like this Dano festival in London!
    Great: food, bboys, fan dance !!!
    Poor: presenters, TKD, logo launch

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