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The beauty of particular body parts 2

Thanks to Mrs Daeguowl for the nomination of Gong Yu (공유) for the competition of most sculpted six-pack. Here’s a sample:

Gong Yu

And something I forgot to include in yesterday’s post. With a big hat tip to Scott Burgeson1, here’s an itemisation of how the body parts for Miss Korea should stack up, taken from an article about the scoring sheet used by the Miss Korea judges, in the Korea Herald on 18 May 2001:

  1. The contestant’s face should not be too big.
  2. If one has had plastic surgery on the eyes and nose, it should not be too obvious.
  3. Shoulders should fall 20 degrees from the neck.
  4. The size, position and lines of the breasts should be balanced.
  5. Arms and legs should not be too short.
  6. The stomach should not bulge.
  7. The “hips” should not sag.
  8. The contestant should be a minimum of 170cm in height, and boast a 34-24-34 figure.

And because I’d never heard of Hwang Soo-jeong (황수정) until Daeguowl left yesterday’s comment, here’s a pic of her as well.

Hwang Soo-jeong

  1. Sourced from Korea Bug []

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