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Coming soon: LKL albums of the year

Fed up with mediocre K-pop acts being showered with awards? December is the month when LKL critics, and hopefully readers as well, will be awarding prestigious accolades to Korean musicians based on their artistic merit rather than the skills of their choreographers, publicity managers and plastic surgeons.

LKL Critics’ Choice

A couple of months ago LKL asked some trusted correspondents who know their music to consider the albums released over the past twelve months (to make things reasonably manageable, we specified the twelve months to the end of September 2007) and to select their finest recommendations. Over the coming few weeks we’ll be publishing those recommendations. Expect to find a wide range of musicians celebrated, both well-known and less familiar. If you expect to see all the same old celebrity names receiving gongs, you will be sorely disappointed.

LKL Readers’ Choice

Readers can participate in this as well. Leave a comment below giving your favourite album(s) of the year — saying why you think they are so good. Later on, we’ll be putting together a poll where you can vote for your favourite album — LKL Readers’ Choice — based on the recommendations you leave below and on some of the other top-selling albums of the year.

4 thoughts on “Coming soon: LKL albums of the year

  1. From a thread I started over at the DJG comic relief forum there’s another recommendation: a noteworthy new entrant for 2007 is the JYP creation, Wonder Girls, with their first album release in September.

  2. I think you should see how amazing Park Jin Young’s 7th album is,
    especially “the guy’s house” (I’m not so sure whether it’s right or not in English.)

    It’s just now. @.@

  3. Hey Min, great to hear from you. JYP’s 7th has recently come to my attention. I’m not sure that I agree it’s 100% fantastic, but it has its moments, it’s topical and it will certainly be on the list of albums for people to vote for. The poll will be open soon.
    Coincidentally, I mentioned it in my “seasonal gift ideas” post today.
    Say hi to Nam-hee for me.

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