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The redemptive power of Lee Young-ae

Lee Young Ae

As we all know, Jewel in the Palace is a hit in many countries. It’s watched all around the world. Including in Indian jails.

A convict in India has sent a letter of gratitude to a top Korean network for airing the historical drama “Jewel in the Palace,” or “Daejanggeum” in Korean.

Narendra Kumar Sharma, an inmate at Ambala Prison in Haryana, northern India, sent the letter to Munhwa Broadcasting Company, or MBC, for producing the drama. Sharma is serving time for multiple attempted suicides, a crime under Indian law, and has been under close watch at the prison for the past three years.

“I have developed a fondness for ‘Ghar Ka Chirag’ and its lead character ‘Jangum’ (Jang-geum), who has been quite an inspiration and influence,” Sharma said. “The actors in this series have given me and my friends here an optimistic view on life. It also gives me strength to counter any grave situation with patience.”

“Ghar Ka Chirag” is the Hindi title for the Korean drama, which is broadcast on the state-owned Doordarshan TV once a week.

“My problems seem minor compared to the severe situations these characters face,” Sharma said. “This serial has been of great influence in my personal life as well adding a lot to my positive approach towards life. I dare say it is not only a motivation for people like me but for everyone.”

Attempted suicide, a crime? Some sources suggest that Section 309 of the Indian penal code which criminalises attemted suicide was repealed in 1994 (eg Wikipedia, BMJ), but a leader in The Hindu from only two months ago suggests that the provision is still in force.

Still, it’s an excuse to post a couple of photos of Lee Young-ae.


Lee Young Ae

30 thoughts on “The redemptive power of Lee Young-ae

  1. i really really really love to see this serial…. i am an indian watch this serial every sunday… i had request to u that plz send me the photos , email id of lee young ae

  2. i am indian watch this serial every sunday.i like very much this serial.i request to you that please send me the photos to you of jagma and ji jin he .they are very like and plz send me email id.

  3. i like you show so much.

    My family is also like you and Ji jin he .

    Your clothes is very good which is you wear.

    Plese send me your personal number and E mail ED
    and also Ji jin he send me your personal ID and numbers

    Thanking you,

    Your’s kiran

  4. i am indian watch this serial every sunday.i like very much this serial.i request to you that please send me the photos to you of jagma and ji jin he .they are very like and plz send me email id.

  5. i cant express my feelings towards the serial ghar ka chirag & the jagma. i feel so bad when the serial comes to end. my family remember those sundays which we spend with jagma. SO please send me photos of jagma & others. can i have any contact Email ID of jagma& others.

  6. i am great fan of “ghar ka chirag “i want the DVD of the serial , where can i find them, i luv lee young ae.plese tell me.

  7. your character is very inspirational for every woman. there is not any serial like GHAR KA CHIRAAG. we all miss you so much. we cant forget you. we all love you so much.

  8. i dont know if i could meet the standards for being your fan but its true.I have felt this strong urge in me as if how could u make out of this character so beautifully.The day i watched ur first episode i made sure not to miss any till its over.I feel this story is completely amazing very much to the heart and most of all,u made it a successful one…I cant think of anyone else of making it out….It was really outstanding.I hope to see u in some more likely astounding and good serials…take care

  9. HI am from punjab india. i watched this serial crazyly not only me my parents too even my dad really like it u knw we called ur dad on his cell if he was not at home to watch this serial. Sometimes there was no light on sunday to watch tht serial we bought genrater. but now i am in canada i don’t knw any site to watch it. i really miss this serial. I leraned alot from this serial. but I want to watch it again can u guys suggest me any web site to watch it in hindi. thks

  10. i like jagma very much
    now i miss u
    when i was watching jagma then tears streaming down my face really
    i have never seen before this type of story

  11. @ Eshwinder Dhaliwal……. dhundhne sey toh khuda v mil jaata hai.. go & search for it…. u’ll definately find out…. m pretty sure…
    Simranjeet Grewal from Australia

  12. I’m great fan of “ghar ka chirag “.I want the DVD of the serial , where can i find them, i luv lee young ae.plese tell me.

  13. i am an Indian…i love watching this serial very very very much……….i never missed it…i was very much fascinated by lee young ae …. when i use to see this every sunday , i used to feel as if i met one of my family members or relatives,i used to feel you as my sister…even during my examinations i would get half an hour time to watch this , my favourite serial..i want lee’s photographs from the serial shots and even her autograph and ji jin he’s too…
    lee young ae …Jang-geum please do come to India once..i am very much fond of you! you are really AWESOME lee!!!
    i can’t express anything more in my words about my feelings for you!!! but one thing i can say that:
    I dont remember you because….we memorise or remember those things which we forget….so when i don’t forget you there is no need for me to will be present in my mind,in my thoughts always and all the time..even when i am subconcious…..
    you are so homely in the serial ….actually to say you are evergreen…
    finally i just want to say that this serial should be telecasted again on sundays at 8:30 p.m

  14. I love u.. Lee Young Ae . its really when this serial going to end i m very very… restless,, i was feeling what will be happen with me?
    u r very beautiful. u r amagine..
    i wanna say more about u…
    i requested u..
    plz this serial again repeat on DD-1

  15. 2day…after abt 4-5 years… I m remembering those special sundays…those 30 min. …. & i m a 13 year old child request u 2 re-start this serial on ddtv…

  16. I m must like u and your serial you loking soooooo nise ameging. plese repeat your serial on dd1 Lee young ae i miss u..

  17. uzair aalan //indian//
    every charecter is funtabulas in its self
    ‘jwel in the palace’ should b brodcast again on national chennel at sunday at 8:30 pm.
    Plz…. Plz…plz…

  18. Really Ghar ka chiraga is awesome seriel , basically acting of Jaggma . See is very attractive n quit also her acting natural .Specially Thanks to director who made such a wonderfull creation….

  19. i was a may be 15 years old when this serial arrived in DD national .when it started i miss couple of episodes as i thought it gonna be a boring one .i miss 1st may be 3 episodes suddenly one sun day i watch a episode of it i remember them jang gum was grown up sens then i never miss any episode of it .i don’t no but fall a love with this show . sun day holds extra importance to me as i wet for the show . these are one of my happy est memories of my child hood . i remember when l break down of my poor performance in class she inspired me and tough me to never give up ..even in my Bord exam’s i all ways use to save half an our for the show which gives me the life time inspiration.even now after all most 5 year or so has been passed the show has been stopped i miss it a lot … some time i wander what if i once again on a sun day 8.00 pm click the t.v and find the show again ….it never happens

  20. I love jang guem….& I m a great fan of ghar ka chirag serial…..plz will u give any information where I get full cd of ghar ka chirag…..
    plz help me & send your reply to my e-mail
    please 🙂

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