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LKL Celeb of the Month #1: Lee Da Hae

The first in a series – we select the celeb who’s come to our attention this month, often driven by the number of times readers have searched for the name.

Lee Da Hae

My GirlLee Da Hae (이다해), real name Byun Da-hae (변다해), born April 19, 1984.

Best known for her role in My Girl (right), a TV Drama from 2005, which co-starred Lee Dong-wook (이동욱), Lee Jun-ki (이준기) and Park Si-yeon (박시연). LKL reader favourite Lee Eon-jeong also had a role. Other dramas include Love of a Thousand Years (2003), Sweet 18 (2004), Green Rose (2005), Hello Miss (2007) and Robber (2008).

While best known for her appearances in TV dramas, she’s also been seen hosting the 2007 Mnet Korean Music Festival, and starred in the promo video, I love Rock n Roll:

Her English benefited from a five year stint in Australia before she launched her acting career. And like many actresses, she has appeared in numerous commercials. Regular readers of the Chosun Ilbo’s website will know her as the face of that infuriating kimchi fridge advertisement at the top of the page:

Lee Da Hae kimchi fridge commercial


Lee Da Hae

17 thoughts on “LKL Celeb of the Month #1: Lee Da Hae

  1. just watched your video where you sang i love rock ‘n roll… that was so cool! you really are amazing… know what? you’re one of my favorite Korean Actress… you’re so cute and very talented.

  2. i really like you lee da hae…you’re my one and only idol!!!!!i really love you!!!i wish you could visit you fans here in the philippines especially me, my friend odesa and ling-ling!!!!i wish…we really love you….

  3. hi,i’m your bigest fan Da Hae,i love you soooooooooo much,got addicted to your drama “My Girl” watched it 4 times & gonna watch it again,you’re the best anyway if it’s you who’s reading this plzzzzz e-mail me i’ll be waiting,wish we can get along together……….^_^


  4. I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much da hae!!! I pray for you always!!!! God bless!!

  5. i have seen a lot of korean movie but your tv drama my girl is so inspiring and touches alot of peoples heart. not only that, even the soundtrack is so nice that it really resembles the movie itself .ur so talented and i cant wait to see ur latest movie the east of eden..
    all the best.

  6. annyong haseyo.
    very neat pics.
    thank you for letting me view them
    Kam sa hamnida
    Annyong hikeseyo
    peace out. ^-^

  7. i am so crazy about u
    i like u so much
    u r so beautiful
    u should be the miss queen of universe
    please send more photo to my gmail
    i watch all of ur films i like ur action very much
    i watch green rose,hello baby , my girl, lotus baby,sweet 18
    i would like to watch more
    and i am very crazy about u and i am many poster with ur photo
    thank u very much

  8. u r reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy sooooooo chweeeet!!!
    i wish i cud b like u!!!!!!!!!!
    i really wanna b like u !!!!!!!!!!loveeeee uuuuuuuu

  9. You’re so beautiful!When I show you,I feel chchchhc!!!!!I want you to by my side.Your hair,eyes,lips every thing in you is perfect and want it>I love You!!!!!!!!

  10. I love you are my sweet heart. I love you 2 years already. I am so said about chuno, I am so proud about you. because of your talent. You are the best,the most beautiful,most good actress in korea. Hope u make a lot movie for your fans. Cherryhye from Malaysia.

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