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Kim Jong Il in Photoshop Friday

Well, it was the KCNA which started it all, for publishing that photoshopped image of Kim Jong Il on parade with his soldiers, which appeared in the Times earlier this week. Here’s the bit which gives it away:

The Chosun Ilbo published an almost identical photo on the same day, but their particular military inspection took place on grass rather than tarmac:

One wonders precisely how many military divisions need to be inspected in a particular week.

So now, for something completely different, visit Something Awful. Their Photoshop Friday weekly digital trickery spot featured Kim Jong Il yesterday, with some humorous Zelig-style images of the Dear Leader. My own personal favourites? Runners up are Kim Jong Il in Reservoir Dogs, and Kim Jong Il in Sgt Peppers Ronery Hearts Club Band. But the winner has got to be this photoshopped version by Hungry Bit of the KCNA’s own photoshopped image:

Photo credit - Hungry Bit at
Photo credit - Hungry Bit at

View the full collection at Something Awful.

HT to Tom Coyner.

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