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Learn to cook Japche with Kie-jo Sarsfield

There’s another opportunity to learn how to cook Korean food this coming Saturday, courtesy of Kei-jo Sarsfield. I had an enjoyable morning earlier this year learning the basics of making kimchi and belly-of-pork bulgogi, acting as willing guinea pig for Mrs Sarsfield’s planned cookery lessons. She’s done a couple of classes since then, and the upcoming one is her third. She plans to teach you how to make Japche, Kimchi jjigae and bindaetteok. Yum.

Kie-jo Business card - backThe class will be at her home towards the end of the Metropolitan Line, from 11am – 2pm on Saturday 22 November. Expect to pay £30 assuming a class of 5 people.

Click on the image of Kie-jo’s business card to the left in order to get her contact details.


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