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Yi Chul Jin at Durham and SOAS

Dr Yi Chul Jin (이철진) has been in London for 6 months as part of a residency at SOAS. Dr Yi is head of the Korean Dance Art Academy, and is one of the likely candidates to be the next holder of the national intangible cultural property number 27, the Seung mu.

There are two opportunities to see him perform before he returns to Seoul. Firstly, this Wednesday, 19 November at Durham University Concert Hall at 1pm, where he will perform Salpuri chum (살풀이 – Korean shamanistic dance) and Seung mu (승무 – Korean buddhist drum dance). At 3pm he will be participating in a Korean music workshop.

Dr Yi will also be appearing at the Brunei Theatre at SOAS on 12 December at 7pm, where he will share the stage with Lee Myung-hee, the leading gayageum player, in an evening of Salpuri, Seung mu and Sanjo.

While in the UK, Dr Yi has performed on a number of occasions:

  • 8 September 2008 – ‘Salpuri Chum’ The Koreas at 60 ~ Looking forward / Looking Back, BAKS conference (British Association of Korean Studies), JCR Clare College, University of Cambridge, UK
  • 16 June 2008 – ‘Salpuri Chum’ Korean Studies Publishing in Europe, Khalili Theatre, SOAS Centre of Korean Studies, London University, UK
  • 8 June 2008 – ‘Yullim gut’ and ‘Jinsoi chum’ DANO Korea Summer Festiva, KCPA, Trafalgar Square, London, UK
  • 24 May 2008 – ‘Salpuri Chum’ 5th Workshop on Formal Altaic Linguistics (WAFL), Brunei Galley Suite, SOAS, London UK

Photo credits: Korean Cultural Promotion Agency, taken at Dr Yi’s performance at the 2008 DANO festival in Trafalgar Square.

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