Double Encounter at I-MYU

News of the upcoming exhibition at I-MYU. 3 September – 3 October 2009 I-MYU PROJECTS presents DOUBLE ENCONTER, a new large-scale work by Korean artist Hong Young In in her first major London solo show. To accompany the exhibition Hong launches her latest book: Where is Plin? DOUBLE ENCOUNTER A group of figures hover ghost-like, […]

The Folding Plug

Korean designer Choi Min-kyu fixes clunky UK 3-pin plugs. Ingenious. “I was on my way to college once and put my laptop in my bag, but when I took it out again there was a huge scratch across the surface which had been made by my plug,” said Mr Choi, who moved to the UK […]

More cookery classes with Kiejo

Some more dates for your diary to learn Korean cooking in friendly surroundings: 12th September Menu: Bindaetteok Japche (Stir fried vegetables and potato noodle) Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi stew) 19th September Menu: Tteokboggi (rice cake and Vegetables with spicy sauce) Galbi Gui (Grilled short rib of beef) Miyuk and cucumber salad 26th September Menu: Haemulpajeon (Seafood […]

Crossfields events

News of some unteresting events at the Cultural Centre to go with the Crossfields exhibition: a fashion workshop, gallery tour and conference with exhibiting artists How to Thrive as an Artist? Tuesday 8 September, 2009, 6 – 7.30pm We have selected six participating artists to be present for this forum to discuss subjects of which […]

Visit Korea, experience the Cold War

Coming to the Travel Channel this autumn is a new travel documentary on Korea. At the Korea Tourism evening at the KCC last week we were given a preview. It was refreshing: a Korean tourism documentary, but from a Westerner’s perspective. Yes, we were told that the KTO assisted in the film’s production, but the […]

Michael Shin on Yi Kwang-su’s The Heartless

The third Global Korea lecture of 2009 will be held at the KCC on 29 September at 6:30pm. Michael Shin from Cambridge University will talk on Yi Gwangu’s The Heartless, sometimes known as Korea’s first modern novel. There will be a raffle to win the novel in an English translation. The novel The Heartless by […]

Visit Korea, escape to Thailand

LKL considers the flight schedules and concludes that a critical vacation problem might just be soluble. “Taekwondo, Technology and Kimchi” was the title of the talk given by the KTO at the KCC on Tuesday this week. The talk was billed as follows: Culture shock, modern, unique, dynamic, sparkling, friendly, technological, ancient! These are all […]

Twitter explodes into the Klogosphere

From nowhere, Twitter has come to be an established part of anyone’s presence on the web. First people used static websites, then it was blogs. In parallel, discussion forums and bulletin boards sprung up. Social networking sites followed, and finally came Twitter, the microblogging platform. All represent different ways to reach and interact with different […]

A Scoop of Korea at Thames Festival 2009

As Chuseok approaches, it’s time once again for the Thames Festival: 12-13 September. This will be the third year that there has been a significant Korean presence. The amazing Dulsori led the way three years ago; last year the high-profile item was Jump. This year we get the musical essence of contemporary Korea, Sorea: a […]

A Chuseok dinner with the Anglo Korean Society

I can’t believe that Chuseok is almost upon us already. As last year, the Anglo-Korean Society is holding a Chuseok dinner for members and their guests. Details as follows: Thursday 17th September 2009 6.30pm Young Bean Restaurant 2-3 Bassishaw Highwalk, London, EC2V 5DS [Map] (at highwalk level, on the south side of London Wall. Nearest […]

Son, My Enemy screens at the KCC

This Thursday’s film at the KCC is Oh Sang-hoon’s 파송송 계란탁 (2004), variously known as “Son, My Enemy” and “Cracked Eggs and Noodles”. Synopsis Although it may be a sham business, Dae-gyu struggles hard to succeed in the record industry. As for his personal life, he is busy trying to score with the ladies, but […]

Yang Yong-eun’s competition philosophy

Congratulations to Yang Yong-eun on winning the US PGA golf championship #. “It’s not like you’re in an octagon where you’re fighting against Tiger and he’s going to bite you, or swing at you with his 9-iron,” Yang said through an interpreter. “The worst that I could do was just lose to Tiger. So […]