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Troubles with the Petal

There a Petal Silently Falls

  • 12 Sep: The only way I’m going to be able write anything on There a Petal is to leave it to the last minute and rely on the deadline pressure for inspiration. Having now read it three times I have no angle on it at all.
  • 10 Oct: Really struggling to write 2,000 words on a book about which I have nothing to say. KCC's first essay competition is tough. #
  • 13 Oct: It’s good that “There a Petal Silently Falls” has 5 words in the title. Each time I mention it that’s 5 closer to my 2,000 word essay target #
  • 14 Oct: People – quite probably people who are entering the essay contest – are landing at LKL having googled “Review of There a Petal Silently Falls”. I’m as in the dark as you, folks! And it’s getting late! #
  • 18 Oct: "There a Petal" essay almost done. Not since the Oh Soojung blogathon have I said so little in so many words (1,663). Still, it’s just about long enough. #
  • 11 Dec: And here’s the final version

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