Troubles with the Petal

12 Sep: The only way I’m going to be able write anything on There a Petal is to leave it to the last minute and rely on the deadline pressure for inspiration. Having now read it three times I have no angle on it at all. 10 Oct: Really struggling to write 2,000 words on […]

Exhibition Visit: Earth Alert – Environmental protest goes mainstream

Over the past few years, environmentalists have been protesting about the massive land reclamation project at Saemangeum on the west coast of Korea. As well as being an environmental tragedy, it has also been a minor irritation in UK-ROK relations: prominent among the campaigners have been British naturalists protesting about the scheme’s impact on the […]

Koreans sparkle at the Goldsmiths Fair

The Goldsmith’s Fair is an annual show of some of the best designers and craftspeople in the jewellery and metalwork business, in the livery hall of the City of London’s oldest established guild. Every year, with around 80 stalls to choose from, there is a stunning range of items to view, many of which are […]

Saharial reviews Thirst

5th October 2009 Curzon Cinema, Soho, London Being a big fan of Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance Trilogy, I was definitely excited and keen to see Thirst (박쥐; Bakjwi) his newest release that won the Jury prize at Cannes this year. The story is of Sang-hyun (Song Kang-ho), a priest who willingly undergoes a medical experiment to […]

Park Chan-wook: uncut (almost)

Saharial provides a warts and all direct transcript of the Park Chan-wook Q&A at the Curzon Soho preview of Thirst. At least, up until the point when an officious usherette told her to switch her recorder off… The Q&A was only a half hour long, a real shame, and the staff at the Curzon were […]

The Indieful ROK MySpace Directory

Anna over at Indieful ROK has done us all a great service. Ever wanted to explore new Korean indie music? Never figured out how lastFM works? MySpace is a good place to sample new music for free. The problem is, where are all the cool Korean musicians? In the course of her blogging on Korean […]

Gong Myoung tours the South-east

Gong Myoung (공명) are an incredible Korean percussion quartet with a passion for music. While they hold great respect for traditional Korean music, they have never been bound by it. They aim to create Korean music for all to enjoy, regardless of their nationality. They interweave genres and cultures playing more than 30 musical instruments, […]

Korean B-boys battle in Brixton

The UK B-boy Championships World Finals take place in Brixton tomorrow. As usual, there’s strong competition from Korean B-boys. In the main competition – for Crews – Korea is represented by Jinjo, consisting of B-boys Wing | Skim | Hong 10 | Vero | Octopus | Stony | Fleta | F.E. This Korean contingent travel […]