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The instant six-pack

Won Bin in Ajosshi / The Man from Nowhere

I heard that in Korea you can get 6-pack implants like you get breast enhancement. Can anyone confirm? Won Bin's was impressive in Ajosshi – but I’m sure his was natural.

One thought on “The instant six-pack

    • romancemovie: @lklinks Never hearld of that kind of thing. but I just researched a little on the internet. turned out that it exists. I’m Korean 🙂
    • chrisinseoulsk: @lklinks Can’t confirm or deny – but a Korean teacher confirms it exists. Maybe around the Apgujeong area – so it isn’t cheap.
    • Young Kim: It is true. Sadly.
    • Aashish Gadhvi: Where do I sign up?!

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