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David Heather’s North Korean art collection returns to La Galleria

North Korean poster

Catch the last few days of the exhibition of North Korean propaganda posters and kitsch art from David Heather’s collection of works from Mansudae Studios, at La Galleria Pall Mall – till 3 February.

4 thoughts on “David Heather’s North Korean art collection returns to La Galleria

  1. Looking for a few outstanding pieces to give as gift. Need details on selections and shipping as well as prices. I hope you are able to help. My thanks. Best Regards, Jen

  2. Looking for North Korean translators. Was referred to David Heather by journalist covering the art exhibit in London. Would it be possible to email David for possible translator reference?

    1. I suspect any translators of North Korean nationality were provided by the DPRK embassy or came over with the artists and have since gone home. There are plenty of South Koreans around who interpret for North Korean refugees.

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