Korean Artists Association UK in call for new members

The Korean Artists Association UK exists principally as a network of those Korean artists, of whatever discipline, who have chosen to make their home in the UK. They have an annual exhibition at the KCC, usually with music and dance performance, and meet regularly at the KCC to discuss their future plans. Interested parties are […]

Reading the Heavens Part 3 – The Astronomical Legacy of King Sejong

As mentioned in part 1, King Sejong presided over the zenith of Korean astronomical achievement. The construction of a large observatory at Gyeongbok Palace in 1438 – later destroyed without a trace in the Japanese invasion – played a key role in the country’s progress. On the roof were installed various astronomical instruments such as […]

On tasting the first cup of 녹차 in Lent

Lent started today. And like most years, it’s time to prove that I can manage without those daily treats on which I suspect I’m becoming rather too dependent. So, no alcohol: I’ll give my liver a break for a few weeks. And no caffeinated coffee or black tea, which I usually rely on to kick […]