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Oh dear

The first mess-up of the games:

Olympic mess-up in Glasgow

I really don’t blame the North Korean team for walking off. (Image source)


3 thoughts on “Oh dear

  1. Han Eui-jong: I cannot believe this happened to the most infamous and sensitive nation on earth.. how can they get a national flag wrong in the Olympics..just one more check would have missed this mess-up.

  2. The morning after this gaffe I got emailed by both the Evening Standard and the BBC asking for the reaction of Koreans to the incident. Not being Korean I declined to comment. But on reflection (and subsequently confirmed by South Koreans in London I have talked to), a South Korean team would have taken it all far less seriously. While North Koreans are fed on a near daily diet of propaganda of how the North will destroy the nest of rats on the River Han in ever more inventive ways, the Southerners have better things to think about than their neighbours to the North.

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