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A fine bibimbap in Bethnal Green


If you’re in the Bethnal Green area, check out Hurwundeki (허운데기), an interesting combination of hairdresser, boutique and cafe right next door to Cambridge Heath Station (298-299 Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9HA). Korean owned, the cafe is a pleasant, casual eaterie which does good coffee and a fine bibimbap among other things. Convenient for when you’re paying a visit to HADA Contemporary just round the corner in Vyner Street.



6 thoughts on “A fine bibimbap in Bethnal Green

  1. Are you serious? I cycle past there ALL the time as it’s on one of my routes home. I never realised it was Korean… I mean, I was always curious about the place because it looked a little different from the outside but I thought it was Danish or something (you know, a word play on something Scandinavian).

  2. The staff behind the counter are Western, but the ownership is Korean. I heard the site was just storage for clothing until they needed to find another source of income. The cafe was quite lively when I visited today – a very cosmopolitan crowd. The bibimbap was good, and the spanish omelettes and quiches looked good too. Apparently 허운데기 is Jeju dialect – not an obviously Korean word in transliteration, I agree.

  3. 허운데기 means strands of hair or hair in this case..but apparently a lower form of addressing.. I wonder it means a hairsalon for children’s hair or younger people’s hair. Customer cannot be addressed in a lower form.

    Nuance of the Cheju dialect is to me somewhat impolite due to unfamilarity and some used in that way in Seoul. Then pure Korean words were used in that way too due to the classical Chinese influence which was a shame. Quite interesting nontheless.

    Some exapmples in the order of Cheju, Seoul/standard, English as follow:-

    아방 abang=아버지 aboji, father, 어멍umong=어머니 umoni, mother, 하르방 harubang=할아버지 haraboji, grandfather, 할망 halmang=할머니 halmoni, grandmother, 저슬 joseul=겨울 kyoul, winter etc.

  4. You got your bibimbap in a paper container? I got mine in dolsot… (yet another cooking utensil I have to get for myself… and SOON I think).

    Anyhow, I went today after work, it was chill at 8 pm on a Wednesday night. The veg bibimbap certainly made me very happy and it’s fab to know that that it is just a 10 min cycle ride from my house. I would like them to have more vegetarian options (as a tofu addict, I was soooo disappointed that their tofu dish is in a fish-broth) and I would have preferred Korean music over African one (I do like the latter, but it was a little weird with Korean food!). I did get their Korean staff members serving me though, so they do have some.

    The wireless works fine, they don’t seem to have any outlets though (I didn’t notice any but I didn’t ask either), which is a bit of a bummer cause it means you have to remember to bring your computer fully charged.

    Haven’t tried their coffee yet, but their soy hot chocolate warmed me right up!

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