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The KAA’s 합 Collaboration exhibition at the KCC: photos of some of the work

The KAA’s excellent 합, 合, Collaboration exhibition has now been reviewed over on Here are some photos from the exhibition, with text from the exhibition catalogue.

Photos by LKL, except where credited otherwise. Click on the thumbnails for a bigger version of the image.

Kang Soon-yul

My entry for this exhibition is based on the Eastern theory of Yin/Yang and the Five Elements of Wood, Water, Metal, Fire and Earth. I was interested in the interactions of the five elements of which there are two cycles: the generating cycle and the overcoming cycle. I explored the relationship between the two elements wood and metal which the theory states are in conflict.

Kim Se-hee

My work explores the vizualisation of the invisible. The biological cell is my subject, understood as an unseen reality of one’s own being. I draw and record a cell image every day to capture the character of my constantly changing biological self. Cell diary video records through the bottom of bottles are the intensifying process of observation.

Chun Joo-hee, Shin Jee-soo

Chun Joo-hee: White Blessing (2013)
Chun Joo-hee: White Blessing (2013). Acrylic on canvas 1220x1220mm

White Blessing consists of pure and innocent confession for the One. The painter and composer present the earnest wishes with literal, metaphorical and musical juxtaposition. The music inspired by this painting travels along the narrative of the black lines whilst accommodating the overall background and the process of the work in its making.

Eun-jung Seo Feleppa, Kwon Sook-hee

These artists have applied Korean traditions to contemporary fine art and textiles, taking inspiration from minhwa (Korean traditional folk painting) Chaekkori. They combine minhwa’s absence of shadow with modern elements (varied perspective and focuses, use of geometric shapes). Eun-jung’s paintings combine mundane objects representing nostalgic places in our collective mind, while Sook-hee’s elegant textile designs come with a modern twist.

Moon Jeong-min

Moon Jeong-min: Cross (2013)
Moon Jeong-min: Cross (2013) Acrylic on Canvas 1020x1020mm

The work represents the harmony between Black and White which is dark and light, yin and yang, silence and violence, earth and heaven, feminine and masculine, through spontaneous inspiration inner nature and vitality in Cross.

Lee Seung-joon, Kim Li-ju

Lee Seung-joon, Kim Li-ju: Bojagi Map of London (2013)
Lee Seung-joon, Kim Li-ju: Bojagi Map of London (2013). (detail), Sewing on ramie fabric. 700x520mm (photo courtesy KAA)

This map of London was inspired during observation of Korean traditional souvenir, bojagi (a patchwork wrapping cloth) and Mondrian’s pattern design, and by developing these two different yet interestingly similar designs from different countries and time periods. Using these patterns, the designers developed their pattern to a friendly daily product.

Kim Ki-hyun, Kim Eu-rim, Brian Johnson, Clarence Chan

Ki Hyun Kim, Eu Rim Kim, Brian Johnson & Clarence Chan_Soul Mandala Love 2-2 (2013)
Ki Hyun Kim, Eu Rim Kim, Brian Johnson & Clarence Chan_Soul Mandala Love 2-2 (2013). Mixed media on board, 240x240cm (photo courtesy KAA)

Miniature Sleep is a three-year alliance of four independent artists Kim Ki-hyun, Kim Eu-rim, BRian Johnson, Clarence Chan who share the combined interest in cross-cultural contemporary artworks. Their collaborative work mixes traditional art and design practices with emerging digital technologies that manifest in the Mandala, a powerful sacred symbol that celebrates harmony, unity and universal well-being. The art work themes are fragments inspired by nature, music, literature, time and space.

Park Mi-so

Mother Bless The Child That’s Got Her Own represents the mothers’ pure blessing for their children so they can build a new life after their immigration to the UK. The project aims to show the mentality and psychology of mothers living abroad; in particular their feelings of loneliness, confusion, conflict and rupture caused by their separation from their motherland. Mothers’ psychology and blessings have been expressed with literal and metaphorical juxtaposition in photographs.

Gong Sung-hwoa

Gong Sung-Hwoa: Swimming Narwhal (2013)
Gong Sung-Hwoa: Swimming Narwhal (2013). Video Animation. (photo courtesy KAA)

This animation was commissioned for a Greenpeace event in London, which highlighted the need to protext the animals of the Arctic. This piece shows a narwhal whale formation swimming together, gradually hinting at a heart shape by the end.

Kim Tae-hyung, Shin Ha-neul

History means interpretation. This is interpreted differently depending on the visual perception of the spatial relationship of objects. The collaboration – Photography and Painting – is reinterpreted based on the historical fact “The Six Martyred Ministers” – Sayukshin. This wishes an approach to allow access for the variable spatial heritage and a question about tolerance of it by Korean artists in London.

Moon Jeong-min (artist), Choi Jeung-hyun (percussion), Shzr Ee Tan (piano), Lee Eun-sol (dance)

This work represents joy through the collaborative performance with the dripping work by an artist, based on the American abstract artist Jackson Pollock, and Korean samulnori, Gutgeori rhythms by a percussionist and pianist. The audience were invited to participate. Finally a dancer joins the performance to dance, creating a new collaborative art work. The creation of the work can be seen at the end of the video of the opening performance, 37’17” in.


The Collaboration exhibition was held at the KCC 28 August – 7 September 2013

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  1. “The creation of the work can be seen at the end of the video of the opening performance, 37’17″ in.”

    A reminder to any who haven’t seen the other slightly different version (the one with ‘almost’ FULL credits… yes, sorry Jung-min Moon I’ve not added you in there yet, but will!:) can be found over at:

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