Miss Saigon to get Korean star

Hot on the heels of a Korean star appearing on the West End stage in Les Mis, Miss Saigon is to get a Korean lead in the shape of Hong Kwang-ho starring as Thuy. He appeared in the first Korean production of Miss Saigon a couple of years ago, according to producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh. […]

Korean authors at the London Book Fair – the official press release

Here is the official press release from the British Council website: Leading Korean writers billed for market focus cultural programme at the London Book Fair 2014 The British Council, in partnership with The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) is delighted to announce the Korea Market Focus Cultural Programme for The London Book Fair […]

Kim Suhee’s Ribbon of Error at the RCA

At the various group shows put on at the art colleges you can usually count on encountering more Korean artists than you were expecting, and the interim exhibition at the Royal College of Arts this weekend was no exception. I had gone along to see a performance of Kim Suhee’s work Ribbon of Error, and […]

Exhibition visit: Attention 1, at Hanmi Gallery

Do pay a visit to Hanmi Gallery for their 30th interim exhibition, Attention: 1 – featuring new work by Chung Yumi. Beautiful drawings, paintings and installations. The hand-stitched screens of vertical blinds, or using simple timber frames, embrace a range of textures and colours and remind one of the traditional craft of jogakbo. On till […]

Did you know pennies were magnetic?

Did you know pennies were magnetic? I certainly didn’t until yesterday evening, when I visited the opening of the Courtauld’s East Wing Biennial. And apparently 5p pieces are two. So says Yun Sungfeel, who should know. His series of works Looking at The real world from within The real world use hidden magnets to move […]

K-Fashion Odyssey at the KCC starts on 4 Feb

With Eudon Choi and J. JS Lee both showing on the first day of London Fashion Week, it’s a sign that the Koreans are definitely arriving. And coinciding with the week, the KCC’s first new exhibition of 2014 celebrates contemporary Korean fashion, featuring the designers Chloe Kim, Gigi Jeehyun Jung, Hyein Seo, Narae Park and […]

Hyundai to support Tate Modern commissions and acquisitions

When you think of Korean arts sponsorship in the UK perhaps you think of Samsung (you can normally bet that a Korean video art show has some Samsung assistance) and Asiana (who support a lot of the KCC’s activities, particularly when it comes to travel). But now, don’t forget Hyundai. They already have a 10-year […]

An evening at the London Art Fair 2014

London Art Fair can usually be relied upon to show a range of Korean contemporary artists for a number of galleries. This year we’re sure we must have missed some of the artists showing as we didn’t have time to do a trawl of the whole exhibition. Instead we focused on the galleries we knew […]

Paul Lee’s painstaking, zen-like works

A group show in a Mayfair gallery last week featured the work of Korean artist Paul Lee alongside western artists Hanna ten Doornkaat and Rachel Pearcey. Lee’s work went particularly well with that of Hanna ten Doornkaat, studies in repetition of line and geometry which remind one of the dot-paintings of Kim Whanki. Lee’s work […]

Things to look forward to in 2014

Here are some of the Korea-related events we can look forward to in London and elsewhere this year. The London Book Fair (8-10 April) has Korea as Focus Country. Expect a lot of K-lit events around that time, and plenty of authors will be in town. Also, expect a number of literature-related film screenings at […]