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Get your translated Korean literature for free on your iPad


Thanks to Charles Montogomery at for spreading the word on this free resource available on iTunes, courtesy of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea.

Chae Man-sik, Yi Sang, Yi Kwang-su and others are represented in the 19-story collection, with more to come later this year.

It’s a nice-looking app, with added SNS capabilities. Here’s what the home screen looks like when you have it loaded up:

LTI Korea app

And here’s some of the details from the iTunes store.

LTI Korea Series of 20th Century Korean Literature

This application introduces short stories that were presented in between the year 1910, the beginning of the Japanese occupation of Korea, until right before the Korean War broke out in 1950. Written by writers such as Kim Yu-jeong, Kim Dong-in, Chae Man-sik and Yi Gwang-su, and translated by the Literature Translation institute of Korea, these stories will enable readers to encounter the essence of 20th century Korean literature.

  • 19 short stories and 1 novella, including Kim Yu-jeong’s ‘The Heat of the Sun’, Kim Dong-in’s ‘Tale of a Mad Painter’ and Yi Gwang-su’s ‘Gasil’
  • More stories to be updated in 2014

If you don’t do Apple, you can download individual pdfs of the translations from the LTI Korea website.


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