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Ha-joon Chang on anchovies and economics

Ha-Joon Chang in Pelican

Cambridge economist Ha-joon Chang’s next book, Economics: The User’s Guide will be available on 1 May. It is the first of a batch of new publications in Penguin’s Pelican imprint, which has been dormant for thirty years.

He talks about his book in a diary article in this weekend’s FT:

In saying that there is more than one way of “doing economics”, my new book will be implicitly chastising the narrow-mindedness of many of my professional colleagues. Worse, by arguing that ordinary people’s challenging of “experts” (including professional economists) is the foundation of democracy, I am seeking to undermine their intellectual authority. How will other economists react to the book? More important, how will non-economist readers take it?

He also talks about his cooking skills. He adds Korean fermented anchovy paste (멸치젓) to his aubergine pasta to give it a deeper flavour. But I bet he can’t buy it at Waitrose.

Economics: The User’s Guide is available at

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