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Event news: Korean designers at the 2015 Goldsmiths Fair

Three of the jewellers who exhibited at the KCC in December last year will be participating in week one of the Goldsmiths Fair this month:

The Goldsmiths Fair

Week 1: 22 – 27 September 2015
Opening Hours: 11AM to 6.30PM
Thursdays open late until 8.30PM
Last entry 30 minutes before closing
Restaurant and Wine Bar
Goldsmiths’ Hall | Foster Lane | London EC2V 6BN

Kyosun Jung

Kyosun Jung: Flower Vase (inspired by water lilies)
Kyosun Jung: Flower Vase (inspired by water lilies)
Stand 35

Kyosun Jung’s work exudes a striking combination and contrast of simple forms with expressive decoration that provides high visual impact and widespread appeal. In short, Kyosun uses quality craftsmanship in combination with highly decorative features inspired by nature. Her designs are well considered, thoroughly developed and beautifully crafted. Kyosun creates stunning work for a clientele that appreciate and value great design.

[email protected]

Hee Young Kim

Hee Young Kim: Cube Opal Earrings
Hee Young Kim: Cube Opal Earrings
Stand 52

A cube has been developed from the small hidden spaces of Hee’s collections; the cube symbolises the simplified initial element of her constructed design.

Hee would like to show how the combination of each different angle of a cube can be a beautiful design, combined with organically shaped stones, such as Opal.

[email protected]

Misun Won

Misun Won: Circular Ovals brooch
Misun Won: Circular Ovals brooch
Stand 49

Misun Won is inspired by traditional Korean patch worked wrapping cloth ‘Jogakbo’, and its scientific interpretation of fractal geometry. Looking to the rhythmical structure found in Jogakbo, she works these patterns into her own pieces.

Her meditative making process is an act of prayer for the wearers, the act of imbuing auspicious qualities into her jewellery, parallels the wish of ancient Korean housewives who made Jogakbo for their families.

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