Book review: Hwang Sun-won — Lost Souls

Hwang Sun-won: Lost Souls Translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton Columbia University Press 2010, 354pp Having quite enjoyed two of Hwang Sun-won’s fuller-length stories – Trees on a Slope and Descendants of Cain – though without necessarily being enamoured of the characters of the stories they inhabited, I was looking forward to tackling Lost Souls, […]

Inspector O in NYT feature

There’s a nice feature on James Church and his Inspector O series in the NYT. Well worth a read, as are the books themselves. Here’s a good quote from the article: “If you want to understand North Korea then you need to read Inspector O,” said Michael Madden, who has spent years studying the North […]

Frieze magazine city report on Seoul – and the come-back of Kim Kulim

There’s a very interesting feature on Seoul’s gallery scene in the summer issue of Frieze magazine, by Tate curator Lee Sook-kyung and artist and writer Travis Jeppesen. Lee’s contribution is particularly worthwhile, touching on the politics of Korea’s state-funded art institutions. Jeppesen mentions some fascinating exhibitions, which makes me wish I was able to be in […]

Conference news: the 4th World Congress for Hallyu

The 2016 World Hallyu Congress will take place at Oriel College, Oxford, 26-28 September. You can register to attend here. Students free, others $50 (plus accommodation). Draft timetable is below. Keep an eye on the conference website for updates. Time Harris Lecture Theatre Harris Room Sanders Room Monday Sep 26 14:00-18:00 Registration 18:00-20:00 Reception Dinner […]

Event news: Korean Culture Day in Battersea

A day of Korean cultural and networking at the Royal College of Art Battersea Campus. Find out more on the event’s Facebook Page. K-Culture Day Hosted by AskCulture and Inspire Me Korea Saturday 3 September 12:30–17:00 1 Hester Road, London SW11 4AN If you’d love to know more about Korea, we invite you to our Korean […]

Chuseok at the British Museum – 17 Sept

A chance to catch up on the things you didn’t manage to fit in on Friday evening. This is the last of three special Chuseok sessions at the British Museum, and with so much going on you’ll need to plan carefully. Here’s LKL’s unofficial timetable to assist (click for a full-size version): Follow these links […]

Chuseok at the British Museum – 16 Sept

It’s going to be hard to choose between the various events on offer this Friday evening – the second of three special Chuseok days at the British Museum. The essential session is Kang Ik-joong’s talk about his installation on the Thames, at 7pm in the BP Lecture Theatre, but half an hour seems rather brief […]

Event news: Chuseok celebrations in Kingston

There will be some Chuseok festivities on Saturday 17 September in Kingston marketplace, 12-4pm, organised by Korean British Cultural Exchange and supported by Kingston Council. It is said to be the first Korean street/outdoor festival to be held in Kingston town centre, and is certainly to be welcomed as an alternative focus to celebrate Koreanness there now the summer festival in […]

Event news: ArtTalk – Creative Relationships in London

A useful talk to illuminate the current exhibition at the KCC. Registration is required in the normal manner. ARTTALK – Creative Relationships in London An event that includes dialogue sessions with artists and curators about contemporary craft. 18.30 – 20.00 Tuesday 6 September Korean Cultural Centre UK, 1-3 Strand, London, WC2N 5BW Speakers include: Kyoungrin […]

Fringe visit: Girl

Modl Theatre Company is perhaps best known in this country for its work aimed at younger audiences, but it is a diverse company which also engages with more adult material too. And you can’t get much more adult than a graphic description of the surgical procedure that the Japanese forced upon young Korean girls so […]

Fringe visit: Dandelion’s Story

What on earth makes a theatre company think that creating a piece about doggy poo is a good idea? How do you persuade an actress that taking on the role of a talking turd is a big break for her? Well, firstly, this production is aimed at children, and kids of all ages find poo […]

Fringe visit: Tiger in Blossom

This is a simple retelling for children of the Korean folk tale of the Tiger and the Woodcutter, in which a woodcutter, about to be killed by a tiger in the forest, persuades the beast that he used to be human, and is in fact his elder brother. The initially sceptical tiger eventually falls for […]