Jinjuu Mayfair opens

Judy Joo
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Marking the opening of Jinjuu Mayfair at 39 Albemarle Street W1S 4JQ there’s an interview with Judy Joo in Food Republic. There’s a nice quote about how she came to open her first restaurant at the beginning of last year:

I got a random phone call. My business partner just cold-called me. He said “I’ve had your food, and I have a lease on Kingly Street,” and that was it.

She also mentions the idiotic review she got from a certain free London evening newspaper: “they compared me to Thai food and Thai restaurants, saying we used a lot of the same ingredients.”

And: “I’ve tried putting things that are more off-piste on the menu in London and it doesn’t work.” Judy, please persist with the off-piste stuff. The best thing on your Kingly Street menu was the mussels in gochujang. But maybe I was the only person that thought so. Anyway, good luck with the new one.

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