Exhibition news: Memories of Korea, at Han Collection from 6 January

by Events Editor on 18 December, 2016

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An interesting exhibition to start the New Year:

Memories of Korea – Cross-vision from East and West

6th – 28th January 2017
Han Collection | 30 Museum Street | London WC1A 1LH | www.hancollection.co.uk


A collection of woodblock prints from both eastern and western artists, using traditional Japanese woodblock printing techniques along with a mix of western art styles of the time, such as Impressionism and Art Nouveau, show a unique and distinctive side of early 20th century Korea. Dive into the artists’, and indeed Korea’s, own memories of how the Korean people lived and dressed, along with iconic buildings such as ‘Great East gate’. Some of the prints, when shown at that time, would have been very interesting to non-Koreans, as they rarely, if at all, had the chance to interact with Koreans and see the Korean way of life, and the peninsula’s unique style. Prints showing exquisite items such as brightly coloured wedding gowns, or children’s traditional dress for celebrations, which would have been pleasantly different and interesting to foreign eyes, making ‘Memories of Korea’ even more extraordinary. These woodblock prints were created during the 1920s and the 1930s in Korea, with each of them showing a part of Korean culture, history and society, which may or may not be experienced today. To a certain extent, these pieces create a window for the viewers to experience and see life in a different time and place.

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