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A new year gift from the Korean Film Archive

KOFA YouTube Channel

Those nice people at the Korean Film Archive have given us a new year gift, in the form of twenty-one English subtitled classic movies newly uploaded to their YouTube channel. At least two of these have been available on subtitled DVD before (Come, Come, Come Upward and Gingko Bed) but I’m assuming these are new, cleaned-up versions.

For me, the priorities to watch are Bae Chang-ho’s Hello God (I’m going through a Bae Chang-ho phase right now), Lee Doo-yong’s The Eunuch (the movie featuring Ahn Sung-ki and Lee Mi-sook that Mark Morris introduced in the Lee Doo-yong masterclass at the LKFF a couple of months ago), Shin Sang-ok’s The Dream (a story that Bae Chang-ho revisited), Kim Soo-yong’s Late Autumn (to see Kim Hye-ja (Mother) in her earlier days) and Kim Yu-jin’s My Dear Keum Hong (to see the musician Kim Su-chol (Whale Hunting) his only other screen appearance of which I’m aware). And of course Im Kwon-taek’s first film, Farewell to the Duman River.

Kim Hye-ja
Kim Hye-ja in Kim Soo-yong’s Late Autumn

Here’s the full list of recent uploads for you to explore:

Bae Chang-ho Hello, God (안녕하세요 하나님, 1987)
Choi In-gyu The Night before Independence Day (독립전야, 1948)
Gwon Cheol-hwi Father and Sons (오부자, 1969)
Ha Gil-jong Byung-tae and Young-ja (병태와 영자, 1979)
Hong Eun-won A Woman Judge (여판사, 1962)
Im Kwon-taek Farewell to the Duman River (두만강아 잘있거라, 1962)
Im Kwon-taek Come Come Come upwards (아제아제바라아제, 1989)
Jeong Jin-woo A Rose with Thorns (The Rose that Swallowed Thorn) (가시를 삼킨 장미, 1979)
Kang Je-gyu Gingko Bed (은행나무침대, 1996)
Kim Soo-yong Late Autumn (만추, 1982)
Kim Yu-jin My Dear Keum Hong (금홍아 금홍아, 1995)
Lee Doo-yong The Eunuch (내시, 1986)
Lee Hyung-pyo Sad Palace Court (비전, 1970)
Lee Jang-ho Lee Chang-ho’s Baseball Team (이장호의 외인구단, 1986)
Lee Man-hee The Wild Flower in the Battlefield (들국화는 피었는데, 1974)
Shin Sang-ok The Dream (꿈, 1955)
Shin Sang-ok A Reluctant Prince (강화도령, 1963)
Shin Sang-ok The Eunuch (내시, 1968)
Shin Sang-Ok Women of the Chosun Dynasty (이조 여인 잔혹사, 1969)
Shin Sang-ok Lady of the Court (궁녀, 1972)
Yu Hyun-mok Even the Clouds Are Drifting (구름은 흘러도, 1959)

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