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Korean crafts at Collect 2018

In addition to the major Korean exhibitors listed below, glass artist Choi Keeryong will be in the Scotland Craft & Design collection, and textile artist Kang Soojin will be with jaggedart.

Collect 2018

Saatchi Gallery | Duke of York’s HQ | King’s Road | London SW3 4RY
Thursday 22 February, 12pm – 7pm
Friday 23 February, 11am – 9pm
Saturday 24 February, 11am – 6pm
Sunday 25 February, 11am – 6pm
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Collect 2018 web

Collect brings together 39 galleries from four continents for a celebration of making, extraordinary in both scale and scope. Museum-quality works and installations from hundreds of the most talented makers in the UK, USA, South Korea, Japan, France, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden will offer visitors and collectors a multidisciplinary overview of the people, processes, materials and ideas defining international craft in 2018.

From the makers sustaining and enhancing historic craft techniques to experimental artists breaking material boundaries and pioneering new processes, Collect provides an immersive and wide-ranging snapshot of what craft means today, and a glimpse of what it might become in the future.

Icheon Ceramic By Gallery LVS & LVS Craft

Gallery LVS & LVS Craft opened in 2008 with the objective of enriching the cultural soil of Korea.

Jung Kwang-sik: View-R,F-1204
Jung Kwang-sik: View-R,F-1204, Black Granite, Acrylic 180 x 90 x 2cm

Icheon City, Korea has a tradition of artisanship dating back over 2,000 years and is the heart of Korean ceramic production.

In 2010, Icheon City was designated as UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art which allowed its ceramics to be recognized and appreciated on an international level. Its distinct style has at the same time distinguished itself from those of other cultures while having a great influence on the domain in general. Works such as onggi, Korean earthenware, the famous jade green celadon of the Goryeo dynasty (918–1270, 1356–1392) and the white orb-shaped moon jars from the Joseon dynasty (1392–1895) can be found in prestigious institutions worldwide including the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Amongst the 25 objects featured include pieces created by either a Korean Ceramic Master or an Icheon Ceramic Master. The achievements made by Korea and Icheon Ceramic Masters have allowed for the development of a rich practice blending longstanding and contemporary craftsmanship. Other works presented include pieces made by young contemporary artists as well as a sculptor.

Gallery LVS & LVS Craft opened in 2008 with the objective of enriching the cultural soil of Korea. The gallery presents a broad spectrum of modern and contemporary art from paintings to media art through various local and international exhibitions and projects.

Artists: Do-hyun Han, ceramics | Kwang-sik Jung, sculpture | Pan-ki Kim, ceramics | Bok-han Kim, ceramics | Kyung-su Kim, ceramics | Pyung Kim, ceramics | Yong-sup Kim, ceramics | Kyung-tae Kwak, ceramics | Eun-gu Lee, ceramics | Kyu-tak Lee, ceramics | Kwang-soo Seo, ceramics | Gwang-yeol Yoo, ceramics | Yong-cheol Yu, ceramics


Founded in 2005, Sikijang has lead the way in making contemporary crafts a way of life while keeping the essence of Korean traditions.

Jung Jae-hyo, Bowl, 2017
Jung Jae-hyo, Bowl, 2017, Ceramic, 19 x 33.5 x 24.5cm

It supports young artists and a continuing attention to various materials and new aesthetics has expanded the portfolio of its makers. Sikijang is convinced of the importance of restoring craftsmanship and authenticity of material to improve the quality of our lives.

Artists: Woo-seon Cheon, metal | Yong-jin Chung, metal | Jae-hyo Jung, ceramics | Yuri Jung, metal and painting | Hyun-sung Kim, metal sculpture | Hye-jeong Kim, ceramics | Jun-su Kim, leather, metal | Hong-gu Park, wood | Meekyung Park, metal

Oma Space Studio

Oma Space is a design textile studio based in Seoul, Korea. From garments to art, our work connects the traditions and skills of ancient Asian textile practice through contemporary design.

Oma Space, Blue Space, 2017, Hand-Spun Cotton / Hemp – Natural Indigo Blue Dye. 5 x 3m

We have a distinct philosophy incarnated by respect for traditional handcrafts and the environment. NUMEN is our first large-scale textile installation based on the relation we have with nature, working only with natural elements and rural craft people all over Asia. In NUMEN we explore longstanding traditional expression that can find contemporary form where craft, art and design intersect.

The essence of NUMEN remains primitive and shows a spirited representation of the cycle of nature, from birth to death. This cycle applies to all living things and all natural elements such as textiles.

NUMEN (def): A divine power believed to inhabit a particular object.

Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF) is a public organisation under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in South Korea.

Park Seo-Hee, Polygonal Vessels, 2017
Park Seo-Hee, Polygonal Vessels, 2017, Porcelain and Celadon Glazed, H From 13cm, Photo: Park Seo-Hee

Founded to promote and support Korean craft and design, KCDF plays an important role in developing a global awareness and understanding of Korea’s rich craft and design heritage.

The organisation provides opportunities to experience Korean culture through the presentation of contemporary design objects, many of which remain at the heart of Korean daily life. It pursues a variety of projects relating to industry led and academic research, exhibitions, education and publishing with a range of partner institutions.

Artists: Si-sung Ahn, ceramics | Annaliisa Alastalo & Hong Sung-hwan, glass | Hea-lim Shin, jewellery | Cheon-soo Lee, ceramics | Eun Lee, ceramics | Mi-na Kang, jewellery | Hye-young Kwak, ceramics | Hee-jin Lee, jewellery | Jeong-won Lee, ceramics | Jong-min Lee, ceramics | Jong-seok Lim, jewellery | Hong-gu Park, wood | Ji-eun Park, jewellery | Seo-hee Park, ceramics | Sung-wook Park, ceramics


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