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Han Kang: Greek Lessons launch event

Date: Sunday 23 April 2023, 7:45pm
Purcell Room | Southbank Centre | Belvedere Road | London SE1 8XX | | [Map]

Tickets: £15 | Get tickets here
Han Kang

Han Kang, author of The Vegetarian, launches a powerful new novel about the saving grace of language and human connection, in conversation with Octavia Bright.

Greek Lessons tells the story of two ordinary people brought together at a moment of private anguish – the fading light of a man losing his vision meeting the silence of a woman who has lost her language.

Yet these are the very things that draw them to one another. Slowly the two discover a profound sense of unity, their voices intersecting with startling beauty, as they move from darkness to light, from silence to expression.

Greek Lessons is a tender love letter to human intimacy and connection, a novel to awaken the senses, vividly conjuring the essence of what it means to be alive.

Han Kang was born in 1970 in South Korea. In 1993 she made her literary debut as a poet and was first published as novelist in 1994.

She won the Man Booker International Prize for The Vegetarian and was shortlisted for The White Book, alongside her translator, Deborah Smith.

Han has also won the Yi Sang Literary Prize, the Today’s Young Artist Award and the Manhae Literary Prize.

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