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Korean performers at the 2024 Edinburgh Festival and Fringe

Date: Wednesday 31 July - Sunday 25 August 2024
Edinburgh (various venues)

Tickets: Various | Ticket links below

Seongjin Cho returns to the International Festival for a solo morning recital, while the Fringe contains a strong line-up of at least six Korean productions. Do try Black and White Tea Room – a really powerful play which we’ve seen a couple of times before and would unhesitatingly watch again. Also, while you’re in Edinburgh, be sure to visit the National Galleries of Scotland’s Modern One, where Suh Do-ho has a well-reviewed solo exhibition. We’ll update this post if we identify further performances of interest.

1. International Festival

Seongjin Cho

Seong-jin Cho
Mon 19 Aug 2024, 11:00am
Venue: The Queen’s Hall
Price: From £13.50 | Book tickets
Duration: Approximately 2 hours (incl interval)


The piano virtuoso contrasts two exquisite pieces by Maurice Ravel with the second of Franz Liszt’s Années de pèlerinage.

Ravel Sonatine
Ravel Valses nobles et sentimentales
Liszt Années de pèlerinage, Deuxième année: Italie, S161

Hera Hyesang Park in Così fan tutte

The Korean soprano reprises her Glyndebourne role as Despina in Mozart’s Così fan tutte

Sat 10 Aug 2024, 6:00pm
Venue: Usher Hall
Price: From £27.50 | Book tickets
Duration: Approximately 3 hours 30 mins (incl one interval)

A test of fidelity leads to deception, seduction and surprises in Mozart’s collaboration with librettist Lorenzo da Ponte.

Scottish Chamber Orchestra Chorus
Maxim Emelyanychev Conductor & Harpsichord

Scottish Chamber Orchestra Chorus
Gregory Batsleer Chorus Director

Golda Schultz: Fiordiligi
Angela Browe:r Dorabella
Hera Hyesang Park: Despina
Josh Lovell: Ferrando
Huw Montague Rendall: Guglielmo
Christopher Maltman: Don Alfonso

2. The Fringe

Composite image of posters for 6 Korean shows at the 2024 Edinburgh Fringe

Aha! Doggy Poo

Doggy Poo posterGenre: Children’s Shows (theatre)
Group: Modl Theater
Venue 49: Bedlam Theatre
14:00, Jul 31, Aug 1-4, 6-11 | Book tickets
Duration 45 minutes

In a small lane, there was a Doggy Poo. Birds, chicks and the mother hen said the Doggy Poo is dirty and useless. As he wondered, ‘How can I live a good life?’, a dandelion seed revealed, ‘I need you, Doggy Poo, to become a flower.’ Reimagined from a beloved Korean tale by Jung-saeng Kwon, this heartwarming show incorporates dance, magic and Korean music to embody the philosophy that nothing in the world is useless. Since 1989, Modl Theater has shared Korean emotions, uplifting lives and dreams through delicate performances.

ARI: The Spirit of Korea

Poster: ARI: The Spirit of KoreaGenre: Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (musical theatre, traditional)
Group: Jeongseon Arirang Culture Foundation
Venue 35: Assembly Hall – Main Hall
13:30, Aug 1-11, 13-18, 20-25 | Book tickets
Duration 1 hour

Winner, Best Physical Theatre Award 2023, Adelaide Fringe. ARI is a transformative musical odyssey that brings the 600-year-old folk song Arirang to life, exploring universal themes of love and connection. Recognized twice by UNESCO, ARI is a testament to the song’s enduring legacy and the power of personal bonds. Celebrated for its vibrant music and storytelling, ARI takes audiences on a profound emotional journey, echoing Korea’s rich cultural heritage. ‘Uplifting, magical, and wonderous’ ***** ( ‘ARI is Korean culture at its best with a happy ending!’ (

Black and White Tea Room: Counsellor

Poster: Black and White Tea Room: CounsellorGenre: Theatre (drama, modern)
Group: Theatre Hooam
Venue 20: Assembly Rooms – Front Room
12:40, Aug 1-11, 13-18, 20-25 | Book tickets
Duration 1 hour

‘Superbly written and acted play… highly recommended.’ ***** ( Experience a riveting narrative where professionalism and personal history collide. Centered on a kind-hearted former police officer-cum-counselor, the play unfolds on his only day off – his wedding anniversary – when an unexpected patient visit challenges his commitment. As the session progresses, it’s revealed that their past encounter was anything but amicable, leading to a tension-filled consultation. This superbly written and acted play delves deep into themes of duty, trust and confrontation, offering a compelling exploration of human relationships and the complexities of therapy.


Poster: SleeperGenre: Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (dance, contemporary)
Group: Jajack Movement
Venue 22: Assembly @ Dance Base – Dance Base 1
20:30, Aug 2-6, 8-11, 13-18 | Book tickets
Duration 45 minutes

When the language of rational-centred social science and the words we use reach their limit, we turn to art for how it deals with the climate crisis. Your body is living through the climate crisis. The act of surviving is met with the appearance of destruction – this critical point is faced with duality, crisis and the reality of death. We face this challenge by tying and untying knots, a traditional act of Korean community spirit and praying for the restoration of life. Programmed by Dance Base in collaboration with Assembly.

You & It: The Musical

Poster: You + ItGenre: Musicals and Opera (musical theatre, theatre)
Group: EG Musical Company
Venue 322: Assembly Checkpoint
15:55, Aug 1-11, 13-18, 20-25 | Book tickets
Duration 1 hour

After losing wife Mina to a sudden accident, Gyujin suffers from memories of his wife that remain throughout the house. Unable to hold back the longing, Gyujin orders an AI robot that eventually replicates his dead wife. However, Gyujin gradually feels the difference between his beloved wife and the robot, and Mina, who does not even know that she is a robot, cannot understand Gyujin pushing her away. Will Gyujin and the robot Mina return to a happy normal life?

Sell Me: I Am from North Korea

Event poster: Sell Me: I Am from North KoreaGenre: Theatre (solo show, drama)
Group: Sora Baek
Venue 33: Pleasance Courtyard – Below
12:35, Jul 31 Aug 1-6, 8-12, 14-19, 21-25 | Book tickets
Duration 55 minutes

On her 15th birthday, Jisun, a North Korean girl, decides to sell herself to an old man to buy medication for her dying mother. But after risking her life by crossing into China, she learns that her under-developed body is not-sellable. Will she survive as she struggles in a merciless foreign land, where her very existence is illegal? Performed at the U.S. Capitol Center, this powerful and fast-paced solo piece is inspired by the true stories of incredibly courageous female North Korean defectors. ‘Excellent… important’ (Henry Song, North Korean Human Rights Activist).

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