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Woojung Chun’s library of mysteries

LKL completes its coverage of Korean artists at the Venice Biennale. If you browse the shopping streets of Venice, among the numerous tourist outlets selling carnival masks, murano glass and designer clothes, you might find one or two shops selling well-crafted model book-cases: too big for your average dolls house, but nevertheless covetable. Something you … [Read More]

Library: Chun Woojung at the Venice Biennale

Details of one of the Collateral Events at Venice. Text courtesy of curator James Putnam Library Chun Woo-jung (천우정) 53rd International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia Collateral Event curated by James Putnam “The universe (which others call the Library)…” Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel The library is a potent metaphor for knowledge … [Read More]

The ribbon is cut; the Centre is open

Jennifer Barclay reports from the official opening ceremony of the new Korean Cultural Centre UK. Korea has been ‘setting the pace of popular culture far beyond its boundaries in the last decade,’ noted Mr Andrew Ramsay (left) of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in the opening remarks at the launch of the Korean … [Read More]